Schesaplana with bivouac after the onset of winter

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    Schesaplana with bivouac after the onset of winter

    The Schesaplana 2965 m is the highest mountain in the Rätikon, which still belongs to the Eastern Alps. Directly there also runs the border between Austria and Switzerland; So you can go with one leg in Austria, with the other stay in Switzerland.

    The Schesaplana can be done without problems in one day and has no particular difficulties. 

    This weekend, however, the focus was on "being outdoors in the mountains", so we decided to climb comfortably in two days and spend a night in the tent.

    From Brand it goes next to the Lünerseebahn up to the Lünersee, The first 400 Hm could theoretically also be covered with the Lünerseebahn. However, the path next to the train is very nice, worth it to go (apart from the sporting aspect). At the top of Lünersee Lake, follow the right bank of the lake until you reach the junction for the Totalphütte. If one disregards the perceived thousand other people who drive up to Lünersee for a walk, it is a wonderfully beautiful landscape. In the crystal-clear, turquoise lake, the sun reflects and shimmers and the mountains that line the lake are sugared white.

    Continue uphill to Totalphütte, which is located at 2385m and is hosted in the summer.

    We passed the hut, well, after we had a beer, and looked for a nice place to pitch the tent. From there we had a super nice view of the Lünersee, if he was not covered by the fog and the clouds that were raising.

    At night the temperatures dropped to zero degrees (in the tent). So the next morning everything was covered with hoarfrost, but the sun was shining in the blue sky after fighting over the mountain tops. A beautiful morning!

    After a warm coffee and a piece of bread, we trudged off. The snow was still frozen and so we could effortlessly ascend the last meters to the summit. The only place that leads over a rock ledge is secured with wire ropes.

    From the top you have a beautiful view and we enjoyed for a while the warming sun at the top. But before the sun had too much power and melted the snow, we set off on the descent. We were glad that we were already descending before the other summiteers were on the climb.

    We went back to the campground, dismounted and made our way back to Brand.

    The Schesaplana is a beautiful mountain, but one thing is certain: if you want to be alone, it is the wrong destination, unless you are traveling with tent (then at least in the evening, when peace on the mountain, a little bit the feeling outside alone his). Of course, being early is also an advantage.




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