Salomon Skin Pro 10 + 3 Set - trail running backpack in the test

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    Salomon Skin Pro 10 + 3 Set - trail running backpack in the test

    For fast tours: the Salomon Skin Pro 10 + 3 Set - trail running backpack in the test.

    The Salomon Skin Pro is perfect for longer trail rides or fast mountain tours. The "set" in the name refers to the supplied 1.5 liter hydration system. It sits as well as downcast, fits very well and offers plenty of storage space. Not just a backpack that has been modified, but a trail running backpack designed from the ground up.

    First impression

    Clean processing belongs to Salomon anyway. The Skin Pro offers 10 liters of capacity, divided into different compartments: a large main compartment, behind the externally accessible and with aluminum insulated inset for the hydration system. At the front of the front is a smaller compartment. In each case left and right at the rear end of the hip fins two expandable mesh pockets are embedded, which is also good on the road. on the shoulder strap two bottle holders are attached. The front bottle holders are closed by elastic and Tanka, the side pockets are secured by elastic, so that nothing can fall out. The 4D stick holder takes some getting used to, but if you can get the hang of it, the removal and stowage is done by hand. A whistle for an emergency completes the equipment.

    Fit and comfort

    Salomon did not use different back lengths here, but the backpack is still easy to adjust thanks to the Motion-Fit-Trail system. There are two pull straps on the shoulder area, and the abdomen and chest strap are stretchable and can be tighter and wider. Overall, the Skin Pro fits very well, only directly on the shoulders, it can give a bit of bum when putting on.

    Conclusion: on the trail

    I have extensively tested the Skin Pro over many months, running, hiking and climbing. He sits like a glove, nothing wobbles, rocks or scrubs. At full load with about six kilos, of course, you can feel the weight and also that there is something on the back, yet the trail backpack sits sturdily on the back even with harder gait.

    Especially nice is that in the bottle holder in front of normal, small 0.5 liter bottles from the supermarket fit. In the side compartments can be transported only gels or other odds and ends, I often pack a compact camera 'pure, which then remains in place while downhill.

    Due to the tight fit on the back, it will be damp, but the fast-drying material is actually dry again quickly. The insulation between the bladder and back works quite well, but you can not expect miracles from it.

    The Bergfreunde is now the successor to Salomon Advanced Skin 12.



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