Rìo-Cochamò Valley March 2014

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    Rìo-Cochamò Valley March 2014

    From Puerto Montt, a city that I do not like at all, we take a 2.5h bus through the lake district to Cochamò. The village is extinct. The main season is definitely over. Construction sites everywhere. We get a ticket from the unmanned tourist information. The restaurant on the main street is nicely decorated and offers us a terrific breakfast for a great price. Although not yet open, we are allowed to strengthen ... Great. A good basis for the upcoming 12 km walk. The copy shop owner turns into a taxi driver and takes us to the start. From there we have to go now. Carfree!

    The path to the valley is beautiful. Follow the old wooden path and walk through a mixed forest along the Rio Cochamo. A rider meets us. It's crazy how the horses cope with the stony, muddy and narrow path. A very nice tour!

    In the evening arrive in La Junta. We decide for the campground. Trolls and elves live here for sure !! Only a few passionate climbers have also set up their tent here. The clo and shower are very ecologically thought out. For the international public drawings are hung for use.

    From here, there are some trekking opportunities, if you can not climb. And these paths are partly no picnic, but make a lot of fun. The paths are very varied. Mud, wood, bridges, trees, rope to hang up ... it does not get boring. At times, the paths are marked only with a chic plastic band.

    Now a few days of bad weather are predicted. Too bad. Since camping in the rain on several days is really no fun, we stay in Refugio Cochamò. To get there, you have to cross a river with a pulley system. A US climber and an Argentine have built here a homely wooden house. To the host I send herewith a small "get well soon" wish. He has broken the hips on the campsite ... A small selection of food has it too. Fleischfrei..ausser a homemade pizza, which is also offered with salami Here we spend a day happy and wait for better weather for the way back. With these amounts of water, the path turns into a water slide. The water seeps quickly and the way back is just as exciting. ..

    We recommend. We will be back!




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