Road bike tour to Cap de Formentor

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    Road bike tour to Cap de Formentor

    We start in the place Can Picafort. From here you drive to the western end of the village and then on Alcudia in the direction of Port de Pollenca always along the coastline. There is a wide, red marked cycle path on which you could even ride side by side for two. Especially before, in and after the villages one rolls through countless roundabouts. They are ideal for orientation and follow the brown signs to Cap de Formentor. After the last roundabout, the first ascent starts up to the first large vantage point. During the ascent you have a great view back to the bay of Pollenca and you quickly forget the effort. Only in the last year (2014) the whole road to the Cap de Formentor was renewed and it is really nice to roll on the new asphalt.

    At the first large vantage point you should definitely descend and walk to the end of the rock, because from here you have on the cliffs a stark view down into the sea and recorded the extent of the cap. Then it goes on a narrower road first in some serpentines through forest downhill and then there are always flat sections. The road meanders along the cliff walls and one enjoys a clear view of the deep blue Mediterranean. Towards the end of the cap you drive through a barren rock landscape, where you will not find any shade. At the end of the peninsula you can see the white lighthouse, which is only one last climb away.

    Since we are here on a narrow strip of coast, we have to pedal back the same way again. Unfortunately, we already know when the climbs are coming. If you like, you can make a short stop on the beach in front of the Hotel Formentor on the way back. He is beautiful and especially in the preseason with the cold water still little frequented. Since we were on a very hot day, we now run out of water and we make in Port de Pollenca a short trip to the supermarket. Then we cycle to Alcudia and treat ourselves to a scoop of ice cream in a nice alley of the beautiful old town.




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