Tires under your feet - the new Adidas Terrex X-King

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    Tires under your feet - the new Adidas Terrex X-King

    Rubber under the soles in the form of a light outdoor shoe. Almost a Jeep for more grip in slippery terrain.

    Adidas has joined forces with the car and mountain bike tire manufacturer Continental to share their strengths with runners. The result is a super light, robust shoe that still offers good grip and above all protection in demanding terrain.

    First impression

    As a mountain biker, I know the good qualities of the Continental coats already and was curious how it feels under their own feet. Continental has pulled its proven X-King tire one-to-one on the shoe.

    When unpacking I was immediately excited how easy the shoes are. With only 300 grams (Ladies model size 42) ideal to have the shoe in the future always in the luggage. Simple black with orange details and a deep profile that promises pure support when you look at it. The rough tunnels remind me of the height of the profile of a football boot.

    Before you can test the shoes outside, you have to adjust the lacing individually. The Terrex X-kings have a clever quick lacing system that can be easily adjusted using the included instructions. To do this, lacing the shoe comfortably and shortening the shoelaces (see photo). So that the protruding part does not tumble around, you put it in the designated rubber strap above the toe. The Speedlacing system Many already know of the Solomon shoes. Once set, you only slip in, tighten and off you go in the future!

    Running like a car - Adidas and Continental

    In order to feel the grip and feel, I have selected particularly muddy and slippery forest trails on various rainy days. The last two months have indeed offered more opportunities than we were fond of.

    The shape of the shoe appears very wide in the toe area and reminds me at first glance of manufacturers of particularly ecological and healthy shoes. Since I also have a wide foot, the shoe shape fits me right from the start. The lacing falls far down, so that he sits firmly on the foot. Already after the first meters I feel the pleasant cushioning of the thick insole. The midsole is made of a very thick EVA foam in the heel area. A hard and coarse coat on the outside, a soft core on the inside. This is especially the production of the shoe: the Continental tire is connected directly to the upper. It consists of one piece and thus offers better stability. On wet roots, I do not slip through the deep studs and I feel less impact on stones through the preformed toe and heel cap. Even a wet meadow piece does not hurt my feet, as the toe caps made of rubber keep the water well. The upper is made of airy mesh and is durable even after running fast through the undergrowth. On different and especially demanding surfaces, the shoe keeps very well and I always have a secure feeling. Due to the good grip one dares to enter even steeper and slipperier seeming surfaces. I can well imagine that he is still running well on icy surfaces in winter. After the run, I take out the inner sole quite practically to dry.


    The combination of profile-strong tires and the sports shoe manufacturer Adidas convince me a lot. With the Terrex X-King, the manufacturers have achieved a shoe that combines both strengths and optimally supports runners on slippery terrain. Recreational runners, hikers and trail runners are definitely having fun with this shoe. The fit of the shoe I feel special. I advise everyone to try on the shoe and check whether the wide toe matches your own foot.



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