Reflection with Ueli Steck

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    Reflection with Ueli Steck

    Yes, he is actually quite relaxed, the Ueli Steck, Today at noon I had the opportunity, in the context of the already traditional Blogger meeting, this time in the tent of Mountain Hardwearto exchange a few words with him.

    The topics were quite wide spread. First, of course, there were questions about Brawl on Everest, I do not want to say much about it here, enough has already been written about it, by a knowledgeable and much more by an ignorant side. But to bring the topic to a common denominator: Everest is about money. For a lot of money. Who the recent coverage of the Summit Club has followed knows also what sums of money it turns. If someone then spends a large sum, then he wants in Basecamp also a tent city with cell phone reception, sanitary facilities, and a sofa with TV. The porters, of course, have to assume that the Westerners are just like that, and firstly, they all have that much money and, secondly, they all tick the same way. So then one comes to the other. The rest is history (which is repeated, always and everywhere).

    But back to Ueli. Currently, according to the historical Solo of the Annapurna south wall, he is more in holiday and rest mode and the training is extremely back. At five to six training units per week. Usually, when he prepares for a project, it would be ten to twelve. Units. Per week. That means walking twice a day and a rest day. So much for "easygoing guy".

    More exciting, I found the little information on the edge: cheese and dried meats work best in height, not so sweet. I have already noted that and therefore prefer Beef Jerkey instead of cereal bars with tours.

    Finally, I could ask him personally, what has interested me for a long time burning: in front of what someone, apparently none fear knows, is afraid. He is a very timid person. Through training and experience, he knows his physical and mental limits very closely and always takes the right to stop as soon as he feels unwell anyway. The biggest fear is not knowing and feeling in tunnel vision when it's time to turn back.

    The fear of not being able to reflect anymore is something I find very much reflects!



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