Out of the city, into the cool water: the Lanser See

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    Out of the city, into the cool water: the Lanser See

    If you fancy a short hike but the day is going to be very hot, this hike to Lake Lanser is just right for you!

    You do not have to drive far from Innsbruck or use the car for this tour. We start in the city center and head south towards the ski jump. On the left below the hill you will find Wilten Abbey, where we pass and follow the Klostergasse to the left. We cross the Trient bridge (Sill bridge) until another left turn follows at the Bretterkeller tram stop. In the curve, a staircase leads to the crosswalk across the street. You cross the motorway and now have the choice between two different ascent routes. Either left along the Igler Straße to the Tummelplatz (signposted) or right towards Sillschlucht. We go to the right to take the left route down the descent so we do not have to walk the same route twice. To the right, the path almost seems to end, you walk on a meadow, parallel to the highway to the left a narrow forest path leads up. Now you walk under the mighty highway bridge and almost have to move your head, so close you can get under it. From here we follow the steeper climb into the forest. Once we have to cross the Igler road and follow the path that leads to the left between meadows. Here you follow the Sticklesteig (routes 3 and 10), which later turns right into a wider forest road. On the climb you have to turn around a few times and throw the view of the urban city and let the stark contrast between high-rise idyll and natural wild growth on him. Just in the center of the city, a good half hour, in the middle of the wild green. I love Innsbruck for that!

    The blue-white marked forest road is well signposted and you also have the opportunity to take the Lanser head, as a small summit luck. But we long for the jump into the cold water and take the direct route to Lanser Lake. But when we pass the beautiful water lily pond, we go for a little walk along the lake and look for the beautiful water lilies. But you should not leave the path here in the protected area to preserve the beauty. The lakes are located on a sprawling plateau where you can not hear or see anything of the city. A sheltered, quiet and restored resort.

    So you can not swim here either and we follow the forest path to the seaside resort of Lanser See. The bathroom ( is a bit older, but very nicely done and maintained, so that the 6 € entrance per nose for the day really worth it. The bath is open from May to September. A lake side has a very long boardwalk on the shore, where you can sunbathe ideally and almost is almost in the water. The lake is located in the moor area and therefore has a very healthy bathing water and the shore was left natural. The microbiological bathing water quality was rated as excellent in 2013.

    For children, there is a separate, safe pool on the shore, but still in the lake. If you prefer peace, just lie down on the opposite side of the lake. Floating one looks directly at the imposing mountain pyramid of the Serles and the Patscherkofel. Moving in the cool water and having such a beautiful mountain view, is really unique in the city. There are many small boardwalks from which you can watch the big carp and decide if you dare to swim with them = D! In the sweet light blue and white beach house with sun terrace above the lake there is fresh coffee and cooling ice cream. The hosts sell Turkish specialties such as fresh baclava and yufka.

    On the evening of the sunny day at the beach, we are happy that the way home is again a short hike and does not lead through the crowded, noisy city. We go back to the water lily pond and take now after a left turn the narrow Poltenweg. You cross the railway tracks in the forest several times and walk down to the picturesque military cemetery "Tummelplatz". In the descent, the densely built-up city flashes again and again between the huge fir trees. You get closer to her bit by bit and she is visually getting bigger.

    After the Tummelplatz we follow the wide forest road to the Gasthof Bretterkeller and now pass the crosswalk as on the way there. And already the city has returned to us ...



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