Bike tour with obstacles

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    Bike tour with obstacles

    Somehow, they all seemed to have flown out on Pentecost. Due to the high temperatures, however, a hiking tour over the Bodanrück seemed too exhausting for me until Saturday afternoon, after the completion of all duties, the 'wanting out' feeling came up again. Somewhere then came the idea to try the whole thing with a bike.

    Therefore, quickly packed and it was on Lake Constance on the Bike path on the Mainau over to Wallhausen. Until Wallhausen, however, there are still few inclines, so I was pleased about the fast progress. However, this should change from Wallhausen, here the bike path turns onto the Bodanrückfrom. If I had succumbed to the illusion that I had an 'advantage' through the bike to work, my daily business, I was now better informed. Already the slope in Wallhausen managed me, but unfortunately was only the first of several. In the meantime my saddle became uncomfortable, so I was glad to finally arrive at the hut in the forest. Quick fire and eaten.

    However, the next morning I have to change my schedule a little bit. No idea why I thought a bike ride at 30 ° C could be more enjoyable than a hike! Inexperience? In addition, I had neither sunscreen, nor a sunscreen, so I decided to retreat with a view of a cool dip in the lake.

    The return trip in the morning cool air, however, should take a little longer. I did not want to go back to the Lake Constance cycle path, but drive along the Bodanrück back to Konstanz. Therefore, I did not trust the signs everywhere and drove more free muzzle. However, this led to a morning fitness program, because several times I reached after a descent and the strenuous climb only again the same bike path, which would have led around the hill relaxed. Although I really managed to get from Constance to Konstanz, it could have been much easier and easier on the signposted bike path.

    This was my first 'planned' multi-day tour with bike a little off. But as you know, you learn from mistakes. It surprised me how exhausting even supposedly small slope can be. Maybe that would counteract but by a more than seven gears comprehensive circuit. I also had to take a break for overheating the coaster brake. Because after a long descent from Bodanrück read the braking force scary after strong. But nevertheless the progress with a bicycle is much faster and especially on the hike mostly rather unsightly forest trails very pleasant. It's not a pastime for hot weather, but it's fun and such a porter is just a nice thing.




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