PureFlow4 from Brooks - my long-distance training partner

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    PureFlow4 from Brooks - my long-distance training partner

    You should change your running shoes regularly. That's why I picked the Brooks PureFlow4 and carried it for 100 kilometers. Time for a conclusion.


    The Brooks PureFlow4 flatters already at first putting on. Comfortably padded tweaks and tweaks nothing. I've taken him half a size bigger, so I have enough space in the forefoot and still do not swim. The second thing you notice is the laces. Elastic, wide, soft, and still rock solid. The material "brakes" each other, despite the proper friction, I prefer a double knot. Stowable, the ends are not, but they are also not so long that they interfere.

    After a few meters, I notice the difference to the "racing flats", which I have run so far: the PureFlow4 is extremely well damped, without acting spongy. Over time, I got used to a forefoot / middle foot. For other shoes I do not have the feeling of cushioning, but the PureFlow4 dampens the front very nicely. In addition, he is still very light, despite the damping.

    As soon as I have unwound a few kilometers and do a bit slower, I usually walk over the whole foot. At the moment this costs less strength, other muscles are stressed, and the legs recover subjectively better. Here, the shoe then shows its strength: it goes on springy. As soon as I put the pace back on, the shoe flies softly and quite directly over the asphalt and gravel. Where he is after my feeling on asphalt but a bit "faster".

    Conclusion for comfort: extremely comfortable and soft, the gel pad on the heel cushions and does not bother, the shoe sits in every phase of running and wraps around the foot without ever disturbing. Striking is also the good ventilation. In the wind you can feel it too!

    Special features and processing

    • Neutral shoe, without special support for pronation / supination
    • Omega Flex Grooves provide more forefoot flexibility
    • Adaptive damping system BioMoGo DNA ™: soft landing and good repulsion
    • Anatomical load: sits around like a glove
    • Toe Flex for the big toe
    • NAV band is widened and optimizes the grip on the instep

    overall conclusion

    The PureFlow4 is definitely my shoe for longer distances. Light but not quite as fast and direct as racing flats, it plays out its comfort and cushioning when and where fatigue sets in.



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