Primus EtaPower Pot

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    Primus EtaPower Pot

    The Primus EtaPower pot is made of hard anodised aluminum and equipped with a multi-layered titanium non-stick coating. The genius, however, is the heat exchanger on the bottom of the pot. This heat exchanger ensures that cooking is about a third faster and more effective.

    Save fuel

    We had the 1.2 liter version of the pot at the six-day Djebel Sarhro Traverse there. The cook served us the Edelrid Hexon Multifuel, which we operated with petrol station. Experience has shown that the small fuel bottle (0.33l) will last about three days during normal operation (two to three times a day to heat water). But since we would be on the road for at least five days, I got a larger fuel bottle (0.75) next to the EtaPower pot. Because on the way there was actually no way to "refuel". So saving fuel was announced.

    Our menu consisted of five days of coffee and nut cereal (each with milk powder and sugar) in the morning, lunchtime bread and canned fish, and a double pack of expedition food in the evenings - and ours last reserves "Sweet Moment", For snacks in between we had all kinds of sweet and salty, from cereal to Pretzels.

    Equipment of the pot

    The pot is made of hard anodized aluminum and equipped with a multi-layered titanium non-stick coating. The 1.2l top has a folding handle integrated. The lid, which snaps firmly into place on the pot, also has some holes for pouring pasta. A plastic tub protects the fins of the heat exchanger and is also still usable as a plate or bowl. In the pot a scale is imprinted.

    The heat exchanger

    Traditional cookers often only have an efficiency of 40%, sophisticated cooking systems come to over 55%. The peculiar lamellar structure on the bottom of the pot functions as a heat exchanger. Due to the wesentich enlarged surface, the heat is much better and passed on a larger area of the pot and its contents and increased the efficiency significantly. However, since I want to be what the choice of the cooker and the combination of the individual elements, the purchase of a pot with heat exchanger seemed to me useful.


    Without having now determined accurate results, but "only" based on experience, I am very satisfied with the increase in performance of the pot. The promised 1/3 savings in terms of fuel and cooking time, I can confirm at least about that, anyway, the big fuel bottle was good enough for us for the six days, and we even had fuel left over.

    The has taken the trouble and a decent Test made and measured - And comes to the same result: such a pot increases the efficiency, which means: the fuel is used better.



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