Pre-First May Geocaching Round

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    Pre-First May Geocaching Round

    Taking advantage of the summery weather, we are three on the Bodanrück stomped around and spent our time searching for geocaches. On Sunday was, as expected, a lot going on the hiking highway on Lake Constance along between Wallhausen and the Marienschlucht. We also got some incredulous looks as we drove past the crowds with our comparatively huge backpacks, jostled and overtook 😉

    Well ... one, two, three fortifications in the form of liquid food Later, after a rather strenuous climb through the echo valley, we arrived at the rest area at Stöckenloch. Beautifully situated in a meadow in the forest, there is a fountain with drinkable water. Quickly the fire was kindled, the bannok in the pan and the grill skewers on the grill. It was actually the first (!) Short trip, in which we had rather too little than too much food - the more we enjoyed the hot, sweet and sticky pudding for dessert. Starry sky, the bedside lamp (aka moon) half dimmed, we rolled out our mats and sleeping bags, we dreamed up there, far out into the distance.

    Just for breakfast, a nearby cache lifted, packed up and stormed in the direction of ruin Bodman, then down to Bodman and the local grocery dealer to rolls, sausage and eggs relieved. Here, full and lazy as we were suddenly, we boarded the ship and sailed back to Marienschlucht. As warm and humid as it was on land, it was so cold, wet and windy on the lake!

    At the Marienschlucht again past the people, storming up the stairs, puffing and sweating, but not showing anything ix Next stop: Restaurant Burghof (absolute recommendation!) With geocache next door. And a short time later the (quite exhausting) short trip was over and we sat on the bus back to Constance.

    Searched, found:

    • Constance Bridges - Rusty Steel
    • Book Series # 3 - "On the Beach"
    • Water view 5
    • Rehrevier
    • PGM # 15 - Ruinborn




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