Pic Chaussy, short and crisp

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    Pic Chaussy, short and crisp

    Short and fast ski tour on the fashion mountain on the Col des Mosses: the Pic Chaussy (2351m).

    It is reasonably passable weather announced, and what fits better as an alternative to expensive skiing in the ski area as a beautiful ski tour! We are in the Vaud Alps, Lake Geneva is around the corner. Since I'm in the area for the first time and we want to be a bit more relaxed today, we decide on the fashion mountain everyone knows here: the Pic Chaussy. A beautiful mountain, from Col des Mosses easily accessible and equipped with consistently beautiful departure possibilities to the north.

    We start directly from Parking lot (Pt. 1438)It goes up east under the stationary drag lift. It is as expected procedure and the track is a highway. No problem, as soon as you are through the forest, you are captivated by the beautiful landscape. The world is under winter dress, cross-country skiers and strollers are making their tracks. Shortly before Pt. 1654 you have the choice: either left and on Lac Lioson over, or right directly up, steeper in the forest. We opt for the latter, following a group of three people. Now also shows more and more blue sky, it's motivated to the exhausting climb. From here you can quickly reach the high valley and the hut Vers les Lacs (Pt 1920), An extensive break we use to chat with the large ski tour group from the Palatinate, which already half home decorates.

    The goal is already clearly visible, at the apex of the high valley. Before, the path (the track follows the trail) but a sharp left turn, after a short steep spot to reach Pt. 2079th Here, the other track also meets, it goes well up into the wide channel below the ridge. If the sun has made us sweat so far, the foehn blows us almost backwards on the summit ridge. The last few meters we almost run to the summit, where the jackets are quickly put on. From the Col to here we needed 2 hours.

    From up here, Pic Chaussy (2351m), you have a great view of the Vaud Alps, Lake Geneva, the Rhone Valley, and the Massif des Diablerets is directly opposite. THAT is right in the middle of the soup, while we have a nice foehnlage caught :). After the Gipfelschoki and the Föteli we make our way to the descent below the ridge, where it is nice and warm. The choice falls on the Lac Lioson (1848m)Picturesque at the foot of the high valley. The descent is short, but very nice. Despite the many traces one still discovers free powdery places in the slopes here.

    Arrived at the lake, a hole in the middle of the ice with ice banks around it shows the diver's courses of a group, which have nestled in the chic little house on the shore. From here it is now easy, the farm road has been leveled by a snowcat, so we rush around the mountain and are quickly back to the junction. Push for another five minutes, then you reach the small lift, under which the runway then back to parking spot leads. For the descent you need such a comfortable 20-25 minutes.



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