Petzl and Black Diamond ice screws in comparison

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    Petzl and Black Diamond ice screws in comparison

    A brief overview and comparison of Petzl and Black Diamond ice screws in practice.

    Function in the ice

    Black Diamond- Express Ice Screw 19cm

    Thanks to its crank, this ice screw is very easy to put into ice and grips the ice a little better than the ice screws from Petzl. However, the screw resistance of BD and Petzl is the same. The crank from Black Diamond is a bit easier to handle than the one from Petzl. The two eyelets are for attachment both at ice climbing, as well as very practical in alpine terrain.

    The crank can also be handled well with gloves and ice-cold fingers. The crank is hinged and has a different color depending on the screw length. If you look closer, you can see that the tab is made of a slightly lighter steel. This should heat up slower in the sun.

    Petzl laser 21cm

    It is 21 grams lighter, more compact and simpler in design than the Petzl Laser Sonic. It is designed for use with the crank turbine (additional 68g) for quick screwing. The ice screw crank is inserted into the tab of the ice screw as soon as it grabs the ice. The long lever makes it easier to screw in. Without this crank, turning in and out becomes more difficult compared to the integrated cranked ice screw.

    However, if you compare them with the Black Diamond, it is heavier, despite the missing crank! Price wise, there is no difference, so you better get the Black Diamond Express.

    It also has two practical eyelets. In the test, she is also very tight and can not move.

    Petzl Laser Sonic 21cm

    The Laser Sonic has an integrated crank and a rotating tab. The fixed crank saves power during one-handed screwing in and out.

    Again, the screw is extremely tight in the ice and has a particularly high tear resistance, since it has been shaped so that it deforms in a strong impact. A great extra is the Iceflute ice screw holder, which allows even at full speed attachment to the belt without additional carabiner! Compared to the Black Diamond, it can also be screwed in and out with the Expresse, without much entanglement, which can be very useful in the upgrade.


    In first place I would put the Black Diamond Express and the Petzl Laser Sonic, as both are super to operate with their integrated crank. The Laser Sonic also convinces me with the included holder. I would not recommend the Petzl laser because of missing crank, larger weight and price performance ratio. In the test also noticed that all screws are actually too long.



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