Parque Nacional Huerquehue - March 2014

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    Parque Nacional Huerquehue - March 2014

    From Pucon there are minibuses to the entrance of the national park. Since this is very easy to reach, the buses are usually crowded. The Conaf charges a fee per day and if you want to camp, you will also get rid of 12,000 pesos. This is limited to max 2 nights. Nothing with spontaneous planning and also a start in the park with crowds of people. Yuck. A large yellow permit is now dangling from the backpack. This has sounded different in the guide. Since we are already here, we waddle off.

    The sun accompanies us on the serpentine-like Sendero Los Lagos at 1300 m. Through dense beech forest with waterfalls. Then follows a forest section with araucaria, framing a series of pretty lakes. In the meantime, only a few hikers encounter us, because the day trippers had to turn around again. Very nice! The trails are well worn and it is almost impossible to get lost. However, if one leaves the path, it is quite possible that one time a tarantula or tarantula encounters. In our case, it was a spider that chose a leg as a run-away opportunity. Tickles. We also discover cows in the dense scrub. In addition, many colorful birds adorn the landscape.

    The viewpoint Mirador Renahue rewards with a great view over the gorge. Then it goes steeply downhill to the campsite Refugio Renahue. A simple meadow with a plop-clo. A stream flows around the square. With the garbage, which unfortunately leave the campers here, I do not trust the water completely and we use the water filter for the first time. The is abruptly in continuous use with the other few visitors.

    In both nights, we are haunted by a mouse, which probably wanted to the granola bars. 2 holes seriously question the watertightness. It will be stuck with a sticky tape.

    We take a day trip to Angelina Lagoon and take a bath. Here, blue dragonflies are buzzing around us and fish nibble on their toes. Nice break.

    We decide to hike Los Huerquenes further northeast and finish the 5-hour tour to the other end of the National Park at Termas de San Sebastian. Here the operator offers several huts. There is also a well-equipped campground for tired campers. Striking are the many cats that are otherwise rarely seen in Chile. We got used to the numerous dogs. There are several hot pools. I like to cool off on the cold garden hose.

    Good things we leave now the park and want to the next village Conco. Hitchhiking is more difficult here. Many kilometers we walk back. Only occasionally takes us a truck driver. A hard job. Finally, a lady, a neighbor of newly elected president Michelle Bachelet, packs us in her air-conditioned red fat pickup truck. We make friends with the destination Temuco and let us drive the 80 km comfortably through the beautiful nature. The Lago Caburgua and Corico on the left and the view to the Volcan Villarrica on the right ... Pretty.




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