Packing list for microadventures - in a nutshell

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    Packing list for microadventures - in a nutshell

    Micro AdventuresThe little adventures on your doorstep are a wonderful and slightly crazy affair. Just get out, switch off, experience nature, escape the stress. It does not need much, that's why I present my short check and packing list for Microadventures here.


    The best is a 30-liter backpack. Not too big and not too small, he should be able to summarize the things listed below. The Osprey mutant or Mountain Hardware Summit Rocket have each 28 or 30 liter capacity and should therefore be completely sufficient.

    Bivy bag, sleeping bag and mattress

    It does not take much for microadventures in warm temperatures: a bivy bag to protect against wind and weather, a sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

    On breathable bivy bag like the Black Diamond is of course luxury, a normal is also completely sufficient. You can hang the sleeping bag the next day to dry.

    The sleeping bag itself should be suitable for the temperatures, for most tours I stand totally on the Yeti Fever: small, handy, and in combination with the bivy bag to just over 10 ° Celcius absolutely suitable. The part weighs just 280 grams!

    Just as easy and handy are the Exped sleeping pads, The little one weighs just 550 grams and disappears along with bivy bag and sleeping bag in the backpack.

    For the quick and dirty adventures in colder temperatures is really only that the "bedroom" is then a bit thicker and heavier.

    to eat and drink

    For a night out, a typical 5-to-9 microadventure, there's really nothing to eat. Just pack some snacks, such as nut mixes, granola bars or chocolate. If you, like me, just want to enjoy a coffee in the morning, I recommend a small, light stove and these 3-in-1 packets of instant coffee: coffee, milk and sugar, plus a cup and cereal bar, breakfast is ready. Or you just go back to a baker on the way back.

    If you already know that you will definitely find water, for example, at a spring or at a lake, a container and possibly one small water filter, If this is unsafe, just take two liters of water from home. I prefer to use the large PET bottles - they are light, cost almost nothing and I get a deposit back 🙂

    First aid and hygiene

    A small travel set with toothbrush, a mini-tube toothpaste, and the rest of the outdoor soap from the last tour, some toilet paper - that's all it takes.

    The small first aid kit to stop bleeding and treat wounds and some painkillers and personal medication are part of it anyway.

    Small stuff: headlamp, camera and miscellaneous

    Actually, always there is a headlamp - whether you're in the dark, or at night "out times" must.

    Sure, a camera has to go, the beautiful sunset behind the campsite wants to be photographed.

    A lighter, wrapped in armored tape, for the campfire and minor repairs.

    A pocket knife is so obvious that I did not even list it. Thanks to Dékou for the hint! 

    What else is missing from the list? What do you take with you in any case?



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