Outxe - Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

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    Outxe - Rugged Outdoor Power Bank

    New in the test: the Outxe Rugged Power Bank PCPB10000WS - with 10.000mAh capacity, lamp and solar panel.

    The problem with longer tours has not improved much in 2018: you walk with your smartphone, GPS, sports watch and camera in your luggage - and at some point you run out of juice. It's not always possible to get outside the electrical outlet or have enough time to wait hours for all your devices to be recharged. The remedy is a sufficiently large socket on the way: a power bank.

    The Outxe Rugged Power Bank is dimensioned quite big with 10.000mAh, weighs comparatively little with 330 grams. "Rugged" means for Outxe: IP67 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and skidproof.

    In the test, the part manages to charge my iPhone a good 3 times. It is also equipped with a small solar panel that can recharge the internal batteries for many days. In fact, this feature is only suitable for emergencies, since charging really takes a very long time, depending on the sun's rays. A nice and useful feature is the built-in flashlight, which is bright enough to find your way around the camp in the evening or to read a few pages in the guide or the map for the next day.


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    At one end, the small lamp is housed. Pressing the single control button on the device twice, the light goes on, each further press changes the brightness in three steps: light, weak and SOS. Below the button are 6 LEDs that serve as a charge indicator.

    Opposite are the charging sockets: two Smart USB outputs and a Micro USB input, which is used for charging. These are protected by a rubber cap against penetrating dust and moisture.

    To charge the power bank, the manufacturer recommends charging with 2A to 3A. It takes about six to seven hours to fully charge the device. The solar panel brings about 1.8W of power, so it takes according to the manufacturer at least 40 to 100 hours in full sunlight. Of course, since the sun's rays are not always guaranteed to be at least 40,000 lux - after all, it's night time - a full charge takes several days. In fact, the solar panel is a nice gimmick, for the real use it is useless. The manufacturer also recommends seeing the solar panel as an emergency backup.

    The two 3A-Smart-USB outputs support smartcharging: they detect the connected devices and deliver the correct amount of charging current. As soon as the cables are pulled, the power bank shuts off after 30 seconds. A self-protection against overvoltage and over- and undercharging of lithium-polymer batteries is built-in.



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