Outdoors Finland: the call of the wild!

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    Outdoors Finland: the call of the wild!

    (Advertising) Finnish summer is a fantastic season to follow the call of the wild and experience the magic of 24-hour sunlight. Unique natural sites and forests as far as the eye can see - all that Finland has to offer.

    A hiking paradise for wilderness enthusiasts with a total of 39 national parks and countless tours. Many national parks such as the Archipelago National Park or the Oulanka National Park in northeastern Finland have nature trails and plenty of bookable and free available cabins for overnight stays, and of course saunas. Here you often meet for hours - if not for days - no soul. Depending on the individual stamina you can undertake a daily route or a multi-day hiking route. Berry lovers and forest gourmets get their money's worth in Finland - the gathering of wild blueberries, honey-tasting cloudberries and cranberries is a real pleasure, especially in late summer.

    Have you always wanted to experience first-hand how the endless wilderness merges with the light of the midnight sun? Sweat out the stress in a Finnish sauna and cool off in the lake in between? Then on to Finland! #Visit Finland will give away a 4-day outdoor trip including flight and overnight for two people. Who wants to enjoy the midnight sun to the fullest and would like to get to know Finland actively on a guided canoe tour, a wildlife photo hiking tour and husky trekking, should now at the competition participate!

    #Visit Finland wishes you good luck!

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