Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar 2015

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    Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar 2015

    Like last year, the outdoor blogger community is giving you a special treat: the advent calendar. Every day another blogger publishes a very special article - a Christmas chain letter.

    The OutdoorAdvent 2015

    We are curious - this action was finally already in 2014 a complete success and really beautiful, contemplative, wintery, Christmas, but also critical articles of the outdoor scene came out. In the editorial plan (which is of course secret 😉 there are already many great ideas, but also some question marks, so you too can be curious!

    I will continue to update this article here, open the current "door" so to speak, and introduce you to the respective article. Look in here, keep your eyes open on the social media channels. I strike as a hashtag # OutdoorAdvent15 or #OutdoorAdventin front.

    A big thank you to Torben from Walking Video Blog for the logo!

    The doors and stories

    1. The Advent calendar presentation - so this article here.
    2. St. Bergweh from the Bergsportmekka Hamburg presents you his Gifts tips and ideas for the mountain nerd at Christmas 2015.
    3. Wohlgeraten allows us a look behind the scenes of a Candlesticks and gingerbread bakers - it's getting really festive!
    4. One year indoor instead of outdoor! Dennis from Outdoor Blog summed up his year 2015 - and already has plans for 2016.
    5. Also this year there is a video post, this time from JayBefrom the heart, for you: a love letter to the earth!
    6. For Nicholas we wet it: one First voyage behind the iron curtain, Outdoor Spirit shows you what went on in 1989 with the youth behind the Iron Curtain.
    7. KulturNatur takes us on a wintry snowshoe hike in the footsteps of wolves and lynxes in Slovenia.
    8. A favorite mountain is GipfelGlück: the Kampenwand in Chiemgau.
    9. We accompany over the Christmas market in Limburg.
    10. With by one (un) typical Christmas day, Touching!
    11. Winter days in the mountains with Schö
      Courage, pride and novelty with
    12. Ski mountaineering at Which moves me to ski-piste tours
    13. Karwendel crossing from
      10 things the when walking bring to white heat - and what you can learn from it.
    14. Dear Santa… the wish list of a mountaineer at foxletics 
    15. Evalescam brings Winter sports emotions
    16. Madeira in winter from the phototravellers
    17. Is this adventure - or can it go away asks Miss Draussen. Rightly so!
    18. Bergweihnacht vegetarian - the Hündleskopfhütte at
    19. Hiking and sledding on New Year's Eve with
    20. With adventure addict it goes to Skydiving!
    21. Christmas in Japan? Why, surely! The migrant woman reports.
      The stray girl drives sledges with you - A fatt Gaudi!
    22. Outdoors fun in the dark from the tour database
    23. Outdoor Wishes 2016- a video with the best wishes of YourDailyMilk and Wandervideoblog
    24. Outzeit Passau deserves the honor of completing the Advent calendar with me this year and has some for it Christmas carols rededicated and reinterpreted.
      Summary of the blogger #outdooradvent a whole personal feedback and outlook from Sven



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