#outdooradvent17: The big Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar 2017

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    #outdooradvent17: The big Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar 2017

    Meanwhile, a cherished tradition of German-speaking outdoor bloggers: the Outdoorblogger Advent calendar.

    The Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar has been around since 2014. For four years now, a new door, a new story, a new experience on another blog opens every day in December. This year, some new blogs present their stories. Read, be curious!

    The highlights of the last years

    My personal highlights of the last three years are not so easy to find. Unfortunately, some blogs do not exist anymore, others have moved and the links are in void.

    Reminiscent of the post-memorable and still current text by Miss Draußen from the year 2015. She then took a critical look at the beautiful glow of (outdoor) blogs and related social media hypes and promotes more #liveauthentic, As I said, still up to date, maybe more relevant than ever.

    Here, a text from Einfachdraussen from the year 2016 fit almost perfectly: Martin had seen a documentary about the energy shower manufacturer and made his own Thoughts on extreme sports flare on our screens.

    It was nice to look back at a time when there were still two Germany. On both sides of the Iron Curtain, of course, there were nature, which, on both sides, only a few people diligently and passionately explored. Rene from Outdoor Spirit with childhood memories.

    The Outdoorblogger Advent Calendar 2017

    The beginning, as every year, with this kickoff post. Here I list already, who contributed a story this year on that day (s).

    # 1 Traditionally I start with a kickoff post here at this point

    #2 Winter is? What you make of it - pleads for more adventure

    #3 17 cheap gifts for hikers who definitely arrive safely -

    #4 The disappearing finnish winter - about the contraditions of modern life & climate -

    # 5 Schö demands: Torment yourself! for example on a 24-hour hike

    # 6 A colorful plea for Mexico as a destination- by

    # 7 Dennis introduces some positive effects of (long-term) travel firmly

    # 8 takes us with us for curling

    #9 Oh you terrible!- Sounds like a hell of a year in the mountains that has experienced that very thing

    #10 The Engadine nut cake with recipe from & The most beautiful huts in the Alps for the winter from Phototravellers

    # 11 About Improvisation as an outdoor skill of and ExpeditionLeben drives sledges with us 

    #12 Mouse bear and the snow at outdoorfamilienglueck

    # 13 learned to love the bad weather

    # 14 Dog Peak Happiness and Wienerleblick, with the dog

    # 15 At it gets thoughtful. About consumption, about blogging. But also what one -self-can change. Complain and good intentions.

    # 16 invites you to Christmas outdoor cooking with glow gin, and pea stew

    # 17 shows us Mountain happiness in winter - Schwarzeis at the Seealpsee

    # 18 takes us on one Winter hike with tent: green in the evening, white in the morning!

    # 19 gives Tips for enjoyable winter hikes

    # 20 A beloved tradition: tells again a waver from his youth

    # 21 outsideandventure was for 12 hours delicious and Adventsauberlich Tobogganing

    #22 From homecoming with

    # 23 takes us into the (before) Christmas Sri Lanka

    # 24 At it gets even more contemplative: From the moment it was almost over to the most beautiful Christmas



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