#outdooradvent door #24 - About the small steps

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    #outdooradvent door #24 - About the small steps

    Again this year, many wonderful articles for the (now) traditional outdoor blogger advent calendar have come together. With partly amusing, partly touching, and consistently lovely knitted articles by the German-speaking outdoor bloggers brought to us a beautiful and eloquent Advent season. Thank you all!

    The # outdooradvent15 advent calendar

    While I was reading the #outdooradvent articlesI noticed that not only the outdoor industry is changing, but also the attitude of bloggers. The scene matures slowly, and in all the euphoria there are increasingly mixed in critical thoughts on the topic of outdoor, mountain sports and adventure. Internet, social media and consumption (criticism) were recurring motives, each time from a different perspective and with a personal touch. They brought me and the readers to think about the world, about ourselves, about the Christmas season, about the Mountain times and the nature that we all love and appreciate. Let us continue to honor nature, maybe in 2016 even a little more. We only have this one!

    A personal Christmas story

    My personal Christmas story is less influenced by great mountain experiences - although I managed to sniff a bit of land and mountain air despite everything. Much more has occupied me since Christmas 2014, my health, my soul, which of course had to go through the physical changes with the change.

    Christmas 2014 I spent between hospital stay and rehabilitation clinic in bed, full of pain and opiates, kicked away and yet agitated. Should that be it? Unimaginable that one day I will hop over the mountains!

    About the small steps

    My first, hesitant and very careful nature contact - unforgettable - I experienced in January in the rehabilitation clinic in the Waldachtal in the Black Forest. It was a beautiful and sunny winter's day, and the rehab psychologist ordered an immediate walk, so to speak on the couch.

    Excited and anxious, I put on my clothes and walked carefully the way. My way. Gently rising, completely out of breath, I reached a beautiful clearing. A stream winds down the hillside and framed the meadow. The first step into the meadow, I can hardly describe it: juicy, mushy, my foot dropped imperceptibly. Deep breathing and I realized that this is just an episode, that I'll go out again, that I'll go hiking, mountaineering and climbing again! This one small step, a small step for humanity, a giant step for me! That, and that, was the step into healing.

    Small steps become bigger

    Back home, I continued the sports program and soon began to feel better. The life-threatening situation in March, I was able to survive, physically and mentally, because this one little stepon "my" meadow showed me that everything is possible if you only believe in it, necessarily want it, and have confidence in yourself and the self-healing powers.

    After the re-hospitalization in March, I continued my sports program, then managed my seven-kilometer house lap at a decent walking speed, a 28-kilometer hike on top and swopp, I found myself with tent and luggage on the 280 kilometer long Westweg in the Black Forest again. It might have been a little too well, the sinews, attacked by the cortisone and the antibiosis, made the Thru-Hike impossible, but the great experience of having done at least 200 kilometers spurred me on. A step. Then another. And then another.

    The sporting highlight of this year was the Swell in fast-forward! 45 kilometers, between six in the morning and six in the evening, with the wonderful accompaniment of Marisa, around the Obersee. Again it was only with the firm belief in the small steps. But many of them. Many many.

    About coming home

    Right now I'm coming back from the Zugspitz area. A very private short-cure. It was wonderful! Finally, the (not quite) eternal ice under the boots, in the warm winter sun glittering and sparkling mountain peaks, which thirst for ascent. Next year I will be back - I have something to do there!

    What remains to be said?

    Rejoice in your health, if you have it. Use it, take care of it! Set high goals and reach them - because you do not know how long you will be able to. Whether it's a really too difficult climbing route, too difficult, too risky or too long a hike, try it!

    Dare, and the setbacks and injuries are so grave. Get up, judge the crown, carry on.

    Long journeys always start with one small step! For me personally this has been true this year, also in love 🙂

    I wish you much courage and strength for this one small step. Do it, because the result is wonderful!



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