Osprey Sirrus 50 - the new pack donkey

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    Osprey Sirrus 50 - the new pack donkey

    In addition to the shoes, the backpack is one of the utensils I attach great importance to. First and foremost the wearing comfort is elementary for me, because on a hike I fight with myself and would like to deal neither with pressure points nor with wobbly carrying goods.

    At first glance, it does Osprey Sirrus 50 a good impression. The buckles are stable and I am already thrilled by the wide hip fin, which is well padded like the straps. This is the basis for comfortable carrying. In the fin are on both sides of two generous pockets in which I stowed the same camera and other small stuff.

    The first use takes place immediately in the rain and I am happy about the bright green rain cover, which can be easily pulled over the backpack and fastened. The next assignment was then on a 2-day hike: as a frequent drinker, the obligatory side pockets for beverage bottles are available and my hydration system can be integrated into this backpack. The lid pocket offers an incredible amount of storage space with different sized compartments. So it invites you to a happy search 😉

    The main compartment is accessed via the top with a drawstring. In addition, access is also possible on the front via a continuous zipper. So also the more deeply stored objects are easily accessible, which makes packing much easier.

    The Osprey sirrus can be wonderfully fine-tuned and adapted to his needs. With the many straps, I can easily adjust it to my body. Nothing wobbles more and he sits rock solid, so that I can handle small climbs on my hike. Between the back and the main backpack is provided by distance and network for good ventilation.

    Luckily there are pictures or logos on some parts! So find the hiking poles, the tube of the hydration system and so on their place easily. Especially comfortable is the pole holder on the shoulder strap: just fold the sticks together and put them in, so you have your hands free on short climber inserts!

    The Ospray Sirus 50 will be a good companion for my West Walk ascent. Stable, good fit and with the intense colors, it is also a glory for the eye.




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