Night ski tour to Muttereralm

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    Night ski tour to Muttereralm

    Nice little Feierabendrunde for all who have to work and in the evening again want to get some fresh air.

    Ski boots on and auffellt it's ready to go. We start at the valley station of the Muttereralmbahn and run the slope on the left edge relaxed. To walk, the moon and the reflective snow are actually bright enough. Just to be better seen by the departing people, a headlamp is advisable. If you talk on the side, you feel very fast at the middle station and from here you walk again 40-45 minutes to the Muttereralm. Since lunch was a long time ago, the stomach growls quite loud towards the end. In the last part, everyone around you talks about food and we give it another go to get closer to the reward wheat and a hot meal.

    Arriving at the top, I'm surprised that half of Innsbruck is up here. All possibilities to lean on the skis are completely full. Skiing on skis, there is not much going on here during the day! In the hut you have to look for a place, from best you sit down somewhere, because here's just hell going on. But that does not bother you, because everyone is happy and satisfied and everyone is happy about a refreshing drink and the delicious "tour dinner". The pasture is used to the crowds and can probably put itself in the thirsty tourers, because everything is brought in no time and no one has to wait long. The landlady tells us that some also only come up three times and then come in, we also have enough, the extremes must always exist!

    Strengthened and recovered you can now look forward to the downhill. Here you should wear a good headlamp to recognize the nature of the snow and to be seen by the others. Outside, the eyes need a short while to get used to the darkness again. Unfortunately, we forgot our headlamps this time, so we drive down a bit slower, nice in our knees. We thought the floodlight would be on, but that was not the case. Actually also much nicer to approach the glowing Innsbruck with its thousand orange lights, without any glaring piste spotlights around.

    The family run (Piste No. 1 and 1, blue) is very wide and contains no surprises. So, everyone comes down well.

    Walking times
    Touring car park below the valley station (850m) - middle station (1270m): 40min (420m)
    Middle station - Muttereralm (mountain station of the Muttereralmbahn 1605m): 45 min (335Hm)
    A total of 755 Hm, about 1: 25h walking time at a relaxed pace.



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