MSR Hubba HP

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    MSR Hubba HP

    My "little green" has accompanied me on solo tours for quite some time. Whether in the field, forest and meadow, in the mountains or even in the snow, it offers protection and quiet zone. Now it's time to introduce you to the gem.

    At only 1.3kg, the MSR Hubba HP is a true lightweight for those who prefer to sleep in a real tent - just a tarp or a Biwaksack would be easier. With the Hubba HP you have a full double wall tent. But you can also set up only the inner tent or only the outer tent. It is also a small space wonder: wide enough to use the 50-liter backpack across as a pillow (lying width about 70cm) and, above all, high enough to sit comfortably in it or to move without fear of claustrophobia. In the apse can still accommodate some material and cook comfortably.

    The ingenious linkage makes it very fast. A long pole, at the ends of which cross struts are plugged into the hub (MSR calls the Hub & Swivel rod design), plug into the inner tent at all four ends, then hang the inner tent on the poles with the clamps, throw over the outer tent and fix at the ends - finished. Two pegs are still needed to stretch the sides away from the inner tent.

    Slightly more exhausted, it also holds off stronger squalls without causing any great bends. Unfortunately, the apse is barely correct and it flutters like that. The inner tent is only made of mosquito net at the top. So the snow and the cold stay outside and you still have a good ventilation. Various details complete the high-quality and well-thought-out overall impression. Especially the mesh pockets at the entrances and on the ceiling are practical - in such a "dachshund garage" a lot of order is needed.

    Since the material is robust, but of course extremely thin, I still have an extra tent pad.



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