Mountain biking in Tyrol - active on vacation

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    Mountain biking in Tyrol - active on vacation

    (Advertising) Staying fit while on holiday is not easy. Delicious food, lots of lounging and other temptations quickly destroy the good intentions.

    So it takes a little planning to do sports while on vacation. While one takes control of the hotel's gym, others are directly planning an 'active vacation' where physical activity is part of the whole. Such an active holiday we present here: mountain biking in Tyrol.

    Why mountain biking?

    There are few sports that are as strenuous as mountain biking, but at the same time can be adapted to your own individual fitness level, because: Of course, it depends on the speed, the distance and their level of difficulty. While some trails are just for absolute professionals - especially because many meters of altitude have to be covered or technically difficult sections have to be mastered - other routes are also suitable for beginners as they offer shallow passages that can be used for "rest". 

    By the way, of course you consume a lot of calories, so you do not have to feel so bad at the evening hearty meal - after all, you are on vacation. Depending on the speed and your own body dimensions, burns an hour of mountain biking an average of 660 calories (about 2770 kJ). This is quite a lot and important, if you want to keep your weight in spite of feasting on vacation.

    In addition: At Mountain bikingEspecially when you are traveling in rough terrain, the entire musculoskeletal system including coordination is trained. Actually, it's hardly more effective. Especially the thighs and calves are particularly required. But also the back and the arms are trained while mountain biking. 

    And why mountain biking on holiday?

    The benefits of mountain biking are obvious - but especially on holiday, this sport, in contrast to the visit to the hotel gym, also has numerous "cultural" benefits:

    • You are out in the nature and can enjoy the sunshine, breathe fresh air and do something for your fitness at the same time.
    • You get to know the country better, because of course you are not strictly bound to any routes, but you can also deviate from it - just make sure that you do not move in designated areas of danger.
    • The same applies of course to the people of your holiday destination - with the mountain bike you are free, then you can rest when you want and so get to know not only country, but also people more intense. This gives you an authentic insight into the lifestyle of the local people. A very special experience!

    Tyrol: the perfect place for a mountain bike holiday

    Mountain biking is a great sport that provides the necessary exercise while on holiday, and at the same time makes it possible to get to know the country and its people even better - now all you need is the right place for an active holiday on the bike. 

    It is clear: Real mountain bikers want mountainous terrain, which is also a challenge - what could fit better than Tyrol in Austria? Here are some really extreme routes, but just as many routes that beginners and advanced can try. All embedded in a dreamlike alpine panorama that beckons with breathtaking views from the higher elevations, rustic alpine huts and numerous other excursion possibilities. Altogether Tirol offers:

    • A whopping 5,300 kilometers of officially approved mountain bike trails
    • Another 180 kilometers of singletrack
    • And if you run out of steam, so-called biking swings can be used to cover 15,000 of the altogether 32,000 vertical meters that you want to tackle on the Tyrolean routes - ideal for beginners, as the entire route is not always bended must become

    In winter, Tyrol is a winter sports stronghold, in summer, mountain bikers and cyclists come here to let off steam - rightly, as the following beautiful (and exhausting) routes show.

    Tips for mountain bike holidays in Tyrol

    You should definitely try these three routes:

    1. Almenparadies Gaistal route: Few routes catch the Almidyll of Tyrol as well as the one that leads through the beautiful Gaistal. The medium-difficult route is 27 kilometers long, with 400 meters uphill and 400 meters downhill again - past lush green meadows, which invite time and again to linger and enjoy. Especially in the summer a pleasure. 
    2. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis-Tour: Starting from the Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis you can go on big tour without big inclines and difficult trails on less than 20 kilometers. 616 meters in altitude you have to tackle on the tour, where you drive through the said places and find numerous spots to stop. 
    3. Route around the Demeljoch at the Syvensteinsee (region Achensee): Experienced bikers will love this track, because it offers everything the mountain biker's heart desires - strenuous passages uphill, fast downhills and various surfaces. A total of 1,470 meters of altitude are to be mastered on the 38 route kilometers. For this, most mountain bikers need around 4:40 hours. A tip for advanced. But also for beginners Lake Achensee offers many exciting MTB routes

    If it attracts you to sporting activities on holiday, Tirol can be just the thing for you - especially if mountain biking is one of your passions. Of course, the presented routes only show a very small part of what is possible. But one thing is certain: you will definitely find your favorite on the 6,000 kilometers of Tyrolean mountain bike trails.

    From our guest author Peter Niedrist.

    With a great passion for the hospitality industry, Peter Niedrist manages that 3 stars Hotel Bergland Pertisau at the Tiroler Achensee. The personal contact with the guests is extremely important to the sporty ambitious manager and the whole team of the family business.

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