Mountain Equipment Expedition sleeping bag Snowline SL

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    Mountain Equipment Expedition sleeping bag Snowline SL

    From experience you will be wise: ice cold desert nights in Morocco have shown me that sleeping bags would rather have some buffer in terms of thermal output and expected temperatures. Several nights in a row with bad, restless or little sleep, because it is too cold, can quickly turn a tour into a torture.

    test scenario

    As my companion says it freezes rather quickly and also at night chilly warm We decided to pack winter sleeping bags with down filling for our Patagonia trip. After some research we came across the perfect combination of Very high quality down With water repellent outer material The Mountain Equipment Snowline SL Expedition sleeping bag from the Extreme SL series weighs 1.3 kilos. Coupled with the warm exped-down mat we should be prepared for the notorious and feared temperature drop below -10 °. After all, we are in Patagonian autumn on the road, want to do some mountain tours up to 2000m and winter knocks loud weather forecast already at the door. Patagonia places special demands not only on the hikers, but also on the equipment, as we have noticed again and again on the way.

    Processing and equipment

    To start with, the workmanship leaves nothing to be desired! Very high quality materials, finely processed, with some detail solutions:

    • The mountain equipment DOWN Codex® Guaranteed high quality down animal friendly production, These include species-appropriate husbandry, no forced fattening, no live plucking or moulting ("harvesting"), the down is a by-product of food production and is washed without solvent. The down springs are certified and are being continually updated by the IDFL checked, There is one at detailed article on the DownCodex.
    • The seams inside the sleeping bag are elastic (EXL® technology), which makes the sleeping bag not only more comfortable, but also warmer, as it fits better to the body.
    • The footboard is elaborately worked with four extra chambers, the hood is composed of eight chambers, so that these sensitive parts of the body are adequately protected.
    • the zipper is double backed, goes only up to the knee area and the pinch actually works!


    In the course of the trekking tour, which took us over 2,500 kilometers and so through different landscape, climatic and altitude zones of Chile, we were both thankful for the decision to pack a winter sleeping bag. Especially in the altitudes around 2000m, in bad weather, which we had to sit in the tent, the Snowline SL had enough reserves. By day it was barely 5 ° at this altitude, in the nights between the -5 ° and the coldest night in Conguillio NP -10 °. Although we have not reached the performance limit of the sleeping bag at these temperatures by far, I estimate that even at -15 ° still a comfortable sleep is possible.

    Of course, that price It is not really cheap, but there should be people who spend more for their mattresses in bed. So if you are often out at really low temperatures and looking for a perfect sleeping bag, then you will get it from me Snowline a clear recommendation! The price-to-weight heat performance ratio is just right.

    NoteMountain Equipment provided us with a prototype of the Snowline SL winter sleeping bag for our Chile and Patagonia trip. Thank you for the chilly warm nights!


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