Montane Ultra Tour 22 - featherweight daypack

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    Montane Ultra Tour 22 - featherweight daypack

    With its 590 grams curb weight for 22 liters capacity is the Montane Ultra Tour 22 a lightweight among the daypacks. Montane has developed the backpack to provide extreme runners with enough storage space for long distances, such as the Lakeland100, a 100-mile course through the British Lake District.

    We took a closer look at the backpack.

    Material and equipment

    Raptor Zero calls Montane the lightweight and extremely durable material the backpack is made of. It stands for high tear and abrasion resistance and consists of 100 denier nylon. The material itself is with a water column of 1000mm strong water repellent.

    The backpack comes as RollTop, that is, there is no lid pocket, but it is rolled up the upper area as needed and then rolled laterally fastened with snap fasteners. This saves a lot of weight, no zipper can break and in addition you have the opportunity to adjust the volume of the backpack. A compression strap on the sides helps to regulate the volume.

    At the front is a big, elastic mesh pocket attached, in which one wet slicker or the tarp may be stuck - or the daily meals and all the other little things that you would like to have on hand quickly. Also made of elastic mesh are the two bottle holders on the sides, which are also easily accessible. Of course he comes Ultra tour also prepared for one Hydration, that is, there is a pocket for the bladder, a passage for the hose and on the left and right of the straps an elastic ribbon to fix the tube.

    The carrying system is minimal but effective: the shoulder straps are very wide cut, well ventilated and hardly padded. As a result, they do not intersect and are still reasonably comfortable, even at higher loads. Very important to me are the two bottle holders attached to the shoulder straps. Here I also stow my smartphone, for example, on the road as navigation system to have at hand quickly.

    Even the thin, but wide hip fins, on which there is still a small zippered pocket on each side, are completely sufficient. For a compact camera, they are just big enough pockets.

    The structure of the back is very airy: at the lower back and on the shoulder blades behind mesh per perforated foam plate attached. This ensures good ventilation.

    There are plenty of mounting options, but the loops for poles, like the chest strap, can be removed from the longitudinal and elastic Daisy chains for further weight savings.


    Wonderfully lighter, more thoughtful and neatly processed
    Backpack, which is also good with 6-8 kg portable - and so for the crossing of the Alps or the Micro Adventure sufficient.



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