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    Similar articles - the carpool for mountain friends is your new carpool for mountain adventure: out of the city, into the adventure! offers, as one knows it from Mitfahrvermittlungen, the possibility to convey drivers and passengers. However, the usual carpools usually offer city connections. Mitraus wants to change that by focusing on popular outdoor destinations.

    In addition to the possibility of achieving the goals of public local and long-distance transport that are poorly or not at all tethered, social co-existence is also at the center of the idea of Of course you can easily and quickly find possible tour partners via the platform.

    The website is kept simple: Enter desired destination and date, and the list of entered driving is displayed. Or, as a driver: enter the destination and date, and wait to see if passengers find each other. As always with such projects, lives only through active participation. If no one offers a ride, it's nothing with the tour.

    The motivation of arose from student days of the two founders: nature and outdoor enthusiasts, but only a little money. Therefore, the three points of nature compatibility, common interests, and time and money savings at in the center.

    I highly recommend it, try it just out!




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