Microadventure by Bike: two old men on the road

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    Microadventure by Bike: two old men on the road

    Micro Adventure… What was that again? Pack the most important things and go. A rough plan, where and so on, of course, is one of them.

    Slight overburdening, however, is widespread in the planning. What to do? Walking is currently falling flat for Rainer because of broken discs. We want to get out anyway. So the bike stays. Oh, bike is not mine at all. No matter, main thing out!

    After two days back and forth, finally the decision: a short get-to-know tour, see if everything fits and if it works. With the aim of preparing for the next big tour, two or three days long!

    So we're going to the ferry Meersburg cycled, each a saddlebag, about four days of food, one Biwaksack, Sleeping bag, cooker, a lot of technology. Otherwise not really much. At the ferry, about three kilometers away from home, I have the first doubts:

    "When it gets hilly? Already at the sight of the gentlest incline my thighs burn. Anyway, I will not show it for now, after all I've got some kilometers of running under my belt. "

    Sunday drivers

    Pretty cold here, so much wind. But fresh and yet halfway motivated, I swing my bike. For the next fifteen kilometers, I step, steadily. The burning of the thighs belongs to it, I mean, it is already less. Great, how quickly the body gets used to unknown load! I'm taking a break at a campsite. I forgot the reason, at least he was good enough for a break. Shortly afterwards, we sat on the very run-down terrace and sipped coffee. No one felt like getting up, but we still had to go on. A discussion about whether we are now about halfway through the day's stage, a little more or less, and above all, how long we will be on the road, was - of course - fruitless. There is only one thing left to try.

    With little enthusiasm I swing on the bike. But I'm happy to have invested a little money in a padded cycling shorts. Beside the thighs is the unpadded area, which squats and slips on the saddle, namely a pretty common flaw. Have I been painfully proven on a few shorter bike rides. So far: nothing!

    The weather does not really know what it wants this Sunday. Shortly the sun shines, then it gets really warm, then cloudy again and I feel cold. Jacket on, jacket off. Freezing is better than sweating. I have read, Well then. Quite suddenly, my energy level falls into the bottomless, just when a kiosk appears on the side of the road. Coincidence? Probably not.

    Chubby warm sitting in the sun, we suck on the already somewhat rancid chocolate bars. For a moment, the thought of an alcoholic-isotonic drink flits through the brain's coils. No, that would be dishonest means, just to numb the pain. Oh yes, the pain in the thighs, which is actually not less, but rather become everyday. That's why I do not really notice it anymore - except, of course, the actually nice bike path suddenly has a desirably gentle slope.

    Echotal - where one hears one's own pulse

    Luckily we take a break in Bodman and so before the final climb again, with sausage salad and coke (I still prohibit cyclists.) Pretty stupid actually! The combination has so far always caused an almost unbelievable energy boost). But this break is over, and courageously we rush uphill. I make the first thirty meters, then turn the tires of the rickety 7-speed city bike through, as well as my circulation including accessories such as heart rate and breathing. As I descend, I almost fall down the slope, so shaky were my legs. Wow! Times left, sometimes right of the bike I push so. Rainer continues to drive a good bit, but then gives up too. No one could know that Echotal is a kind of test piece for bikers. Well, since we both marched up there, we could have imagined it. But that is already again Years ago'You talk a lot, if you think about it at all.

    The guy who got in the way at the bottom of the road really did come up after us! He has a mountain bike and matching clothes, but also breathes tremendously. Nevertheless, I am somewhat impressed, even with mountain bike and coordinated clothes, I would not have managed that. I say yes: testpiece. The echoes come directly on the sports bucket list.

    evening atmosphere

    The place we have chosen carefully: running water from a well, a barbecue and in the middle of the forest on a large lawn. Well, the water flows depending on the season more or less, today it just dribbles. Since I really want a coffee to the campfire, to warm up and for the sake of romance and such, I put the pot directly under the dribble. Collect wood as long as it is still light, turn on the fire and then start again, get more wood. I feel a slight pull above the knees, otherwise everything is fine. Wonderful!

    The fire is burning, the coffee is steaming, oh how beautiful! Well, it's pretty cold. How it will only be when the sun goes down? And above all, how cold will it be tonight? Should we have packed the tent?

    "Crap," I think, "that's nice, that's exactly how you like it! In the old days, there was ... "- I will spare you the rest!

    In fact, it gets really cold at dusk. After dinner, I quickly slip into the sleeping bag, over the bivy bag, including the warm mattress. Eternal crested and genestele until everything fits. No, not yet, cover open, zipper closed, cover closed. It takes a while until I finally sleep.

    A wet and cheerful morning

    Early, very early, I wake up. Sleeping mat flat, floor cold. Briefly inflate, continue to sleep. Shit, do not go, have to go to the bathroom. Anyway, I turn to the side and ... er, all wet! So wet, not just wet. I crawl further into the sleeping bag, it's all stupid! Shortly later, I take heart, as soon as possible I put on the extra waterproof packed shoes and jacket, go two or three steps. Such a shit, now the shoes and socks are also wet. The entire meadow is wet, the sleeping bag is wet, even really wet on the collar. That's really a lot of water, what the human sweats out in the night, there is no membrane still so good in the bivouac sack. Okay, I do not want to know how Rainer is doing, whose bivy bag is a vapor barrier. Obviously he's fine, because he still pauses calmly.

    I stalk to the hearth and get a small, smoky fire going. It does not want to get any bigger, not warmer. Shivering, wet, I sit around and wait until the gas stove does its job well and I finally hold a steaming coffee in my hands. The fire is now taking on a decent shape. It smokes quite a bit, but it also warms.

    Was it cold tonight?

    At the top of the edge of the forest, the path is already in the sun, walkers walk chattering past. Of course, they circle the square, come down here and grin anxiously, "Was it cold tonight?" Goes so. Mighty thing going on here, on a Monday morning at eight. I greet the next walkers offensively with a "Coffee is ready soon! Grins. "- so I handle stupid questions, great!

    Rainer comes, also somewhat staccid, to it, we enjoy more coffee and the fire. After all, he has more color and no more pale spots on his face. No, his night was not good, even flat, even wet. We wait longingly for the sun to reach us. At some point, still in the shade, we pack together and let the little animal, which has already fed two sausages in the night, the third sausage still there. Nice meant to leave one to us, but thanks ...

    Driving home with wet socks

    After some confusion about the route we just start cycling, which promptly leads us to a single trail. Sure, I know the area a bit, I've hiked here before, but that the way was so narrow ... Downhill push is so synonymous! In a small village we are happy about the civilizational infrastructure, the baker. With coffee and croissant we sit at the bus stop, dry our shoes and socks and watch the people do what they do on a Monday morning. Village life, and that in front of a baker. Not much, and not very exciting. The other way around is probably more exciting, two guys in socks at the bus stop.

    After some time and some villages later we cycle in Konstanz, stow the wheels, fish the mail from the mailbox. Put the sleeping bags, and everything else, to dry.

    It was cool! Even if I got a cold.




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