Merino underwear for women by super.natural

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    Merino underwear for women by super.natural

    We had the Fresh Mesh and the Max Ponte material mix from super.natural in ski touring. Super.natural is characterized by the intelligent mix of synthetic fiber covered with merino wool. This minimizes the weaknesses of both fibers and combines the strengths of both worlds.

    In the test

    Upper part: W Fresh Mesh LS 240

    Pants: W Max Legging 260

    wear property

    longsleeve: The Fresh Mech Longsleeve was for very sweaty activities on very cold daysdeveloped. I've tested longsleeve and pants on a ski tour, where you sweat a lot when you get on, but it can also be very icy in cold winds. The longsleeve has a two-ply mesh fabric that is very warm and a fine micro-perforation that makes it very breathable. The merino wool share prevents the formation of odors, which is always very pleasant on the way for the others! I found the top very soft on the skin, it was really comfortable to wear. Even on a cold day, this shirt is enough for the climb. Only for the departure I pack windproof, here it serves as a base layer.

    Leggin: Here's me smooth surface of the material first irritated. At first I thought it was not a pair of merino wool trousers. But after looking at the leaflet, I realized that the synthetic fiber content makes the fabric so smooth. I think that hereby you can skilfully avoid the typical scratch feeling of merino wool. A friend took the pants in hand and did not believe me that really wool was involved.

    Equipment and details

    The product is very well made and works Very high quality, The size is rather smaller than normal. You should perhaps reach for a size, so that it is long enough and not tense.

    The logo is just small and simply printed on a sleeve, which also makes it not an unwanted advertising medium, as so many other brands aim. Since I'm a design-loving person, I also pay close attention to details. The high-quality cardboard packaging, which was thought through and made with great attention to detail, already scored points here. A small pendant with the inscription "Merino made better" does that Product additionally sympathetic.

    A big plus is also the care, because by the performance polyester content, it can be synonymous in the Wash the washing machine and tumble dryer give. So far, my merino clothing smells slightly acidic after washing and drying, which will not be the case anymore with these parts. Also exemplary is the fact that super.natural according to the strict environmental standards, the so-called bluesign guidelines.


    I also like to wear the top and pants at home, because it feels super comfortable and simply comfortable. I also wear it in the hut, because it really does not look like classic "ski underwear". The swiss company super.natural In my opinion, I design really nice parts for the sporty outdoor area. When minus point I must mention that after I have worn it twice with the avalanche transceiver over it, occasionally even small wool threads stand out. This is probably due to the friction of the thin straps of the avalanche transceiver on the wool. In the future I will wear it under the shirt.

    Tip: something more detailed to super.natural and their mix of materials we have already Test a T-shirt written.



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