Merino Baselayer by Kari Traa

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    Merino Baselayer by Kari Traa

    Warm laundry for cold days: Merino Baselayer by Kari Traa.

    Wearing properties of merino wool

    Merino wool is simply extremely comfortable to wear on the skin as it does not scratch like an alpaca wool sweater. The merino wool has excellent heat regulation: It regulates skin respiration and oxygen exchange. The natural structure of the wool fibers creates small air spaces through which the air can circulate, allowing the skin to breathe. This allows the moisture to be well directed away from the body. Another special feature of this miracle wool is that it can absorb about 1/3 of its own weight in moisture, without it feels wet. The underwear keeps warm even when wet. The moisture can be transported to the outside seven times faster than cotton.

    The Merino base layer set is particularly suitable for longer tours, as it is odor resistant even after prolonged wear. The animal protein fibers germs and bacteria can find no breeding ground. The wool keeps the heat on the body, thanks to the 4-way stretch material is very elastic, lightweight and durable.


    The Women's Rose Roundneck and the Women's Rose Pant have a traditional jacquard pattern and the neon-colored contrasting seams also glow when jogging. The pants have a wide elastic waistband, which makes the pants fit well even during exercise-intensive activities.

    Test conclusion

    Merino wool is simply unbeatable compared to synthetic underwear due to its natural properties. Especially on ski tours and multi-day tours you and your companions have a lot of fun. For example, I also pack my Merinoshirt when I can only carry a small amount of luggage due to its weight and need to wear it more often.



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