More power through the right diet

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    More power through the right diet

    Sporting goals are usually set high. A marathon, the hike through challenging paths and mountain ranges or participation in the Iron Man are in many cases the wish of active athletes. Strict training and proper nutrition are required. But all beginning is difficult. For aspiring fitness skaters and adventurers, some tricks are essential to achieve similar successes as climbing experts Alexander Huber to reach.

    Powerful training consists of three components: continuity in training, defeating the inner bastard and power through proper nutrition. Many proteins and energy-yielding carbohydrates are part of the menu. But also power snacks should not be ignored.

    Especially endurance sports such as hiking are suitable for filling in the empty energy storage quickly and easily. Bananas, almonds or unsweetened peanut bars push the energy level upwards and give the muscles the power for stony paths and large altitude meters. Even dates or a good chunk of cheese supply the body with energy with their components.

    It should be noted, however, that food rich in carbohydrates is consumed before hiking or long distances. It is the drive - the gas - for the body and increase the activity. However, there should be a break between the energy intake and the athletic activity so that the body can process the carbohydrates. After hiking, the sugar provides for the replenishment of energy supplies.

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    The mix does it

    Despite all the important vitamins, proteins and fats that are included in the diet with Omega 3, one important point is important: A sporty nutritional plan should not follow an "either or" principle. A diet that is only protein-based or targeted only for fruit and water can not be healthy.

    A healthy body needs the right amount of nutrients. Even professional athletes can not live only on protein shakes. If you only rely on a food group, you will be negatively surprised by the consequences. This is what happened to the former nutritionist of the VfB Stuttgart Philipp Rauscher. A very strict nutritional plan that players should live on found little favor with coach Luhukay 2015. He promptly put the adviser in front of the door and relaxed the meal plan for his pros, who before the final round with a William Hill Quote of 3.00 were listed on the win against the favored team Union Berlin. In fact, there was a draw on May 23, the VfB ended the season with a secured in the relegation 16th place. The professional athletes of the highest German football league benefit from the new, balanced nutrition plan - and the same applies to hikers.

    Balance achieves more

    It may be eaten pizza or even once gripped to the chocolate. Nothing is forbidden as long as the balance is right and the focus is on training for the athletic goal. Protein bars, power snacks and nutritional supplements can be naturally supplemented to achieve the required intake. That is perfectly legitimate. A few years ago, this industry was still considered questionable, since the production was vilified as pure chemistry. These times are long gone and protein powder and pre-workout bars have long found their way into the everyday life of athletes.

    It's very simple: anyone who listens to their guts and their conscience will be able to draw the strength for their athletic performance and altitude from simple sources. In the end, the only question is what does you good and what does not. Each athlete can only answer this question individually and draw from it. However, a balanced nutrition plan should be the basis.



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