Mammoth Nobu Pants

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    Mammoth Nobu Pants

    After a few days of hiking and climbing a short review of the Mammut climbing pants "Nobu". It complements my equipment for warmer temperatures almost perfectly - in short: a great touring and climbing pants, albeit at a rather proud price - which is also justified in the high-quality Mammut clothing.


    • very thin - but surprisingly robust
    • rather less water repellent, but extremely dry!
    • 350g (in size 48)

    Fit & Convenience: Top!

    • Cut very tight, so I bought a bigger one
    • Clean processed, nowhere pushes and rubs, not even with backpack / harness
    • Only: when getting dressed you get caught in the knees
    • In the heat of a ventilation option would be practical, the heat accumulates a bit


    • Reinforcement / shoeshine on the hem is quite handy, also spares the same (only for me?) Particularly stressed inside the pant legs
    • The possibility of pairing the pants with the climbing shoes is certainly not stupid, but they have been decoupled soon for better ventilation
    • for the sewn inside loops in the trouser pockets (which unfortunately are not closable!) I have so far found no use - thought are the probably for a camera einschlaufen
    • Great freedom of movement when climbing!
    • All in all, very thoughtful details, as usual from Mammut.

    Update 5.8.2011

    She had on the E5 and was fully satisfied: lightweight, packable small, offers sufficient protection against heat and cold, dries in walking in a few minutes and is also in the evening on the hut sow comfortable!



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