Mammut 10.0 Sensor Duodess single rope

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    Mammut 10.0 Sensor Duodess single rope

    The Duodess rope by Mammut is ideal for sport climbing and climbing in the hall. The center of the rope and the last few meters of the rope are haptically well felt by reinforced fibers, so that especially the belayer quickly becomes aware of the approaching end of the rope. The first and second halves of the rope have different patterns, so you can visually distinguish them from each other at a glance and recognize the center of the rope. Previously, the rope center was marked by a marker. However, since these markers often attacked the mantle or rope core chemically, the manufacturers opted for the alternating pattern. When backing up, I was able to tell my climbing partner in due time, when he has to find a stand or noticed quickly when our rope length was no longer sufficient. Although I always put the rope directly on the ground (forget the rope bag), it did not absorb any dirt.

    Impregnation and other

    Its impregnation thus protects it very well against dirt and the ingress of water. Anyone who has had to work with a wet rope knows how difficult it is and, in addition, the dynamic performance of the rope is reduced enormously. The mammoth rope also received a "coating finish", a teflonization, to make it lighter and give it more resilience. Another addition is the so-called "lap coiled" technique, a winding technique that avoids crane jigs from the beginning and thus makes the unrolling of the rope superfluous. The weight of this rope is more in the upper part, which is then noticeable at a length of 70m.

    The radiant turquoise (color name: ocean) of the rope is always clearly visible on every type of rock, and the color markings on it are also very good. A small banderole at each end of the rope marks the rope according to its category. However, this is only ironed like a patch on the rope and broke away with me already after the second use partially off.


    The rope convinces me especially by the tangible rope ends, because this gives me more safety and confidence in the material on the rock. Because even if you are still so attentive, the rope can often end sooner than expected. Even if the price is high, I think with this rope you have a very high quality and climbing friendly rope, with which you have long pleasure.



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