Liebster Award - 11 questions, 11 blogs

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    Liebster Award - 11 questions, 11 blogs

    I think blogstock actions are exciting - that's why I'm happy to introduce you to a new one - the "Liebster Award".

    Thrown (or "tagged") I was twice - thank you for it Uli and Chris, So I'll answer 2 x 11 questions. But first to the rules of the Blogstöckchens:

    The rules:

    1. Link the person who tagged you (tagged)
    2. Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you
    3. Look for 11 bloggers and nominate them
    4. Consider 11 questions for your 11 nominees

    The answers for Uli 

    1. Are you planning something special for this year in your blog that you would like to make us curious about? grows and thrives, it begins to people 😉 But one or the other technical delicacy is already being planned.

    2. Would you also blog about completely different things or do you even have a second blog?

    Yes of course I would also blog about other things - which I have already done in the past: aktion23 was my first blog, later came a kind of undercover blog from the inner workings of a call center. I worked there for two months until it became too intense for me. I have processed the experience then in the daily articles.

    3. What do you do when you do not feel like blogging?

    When I'm not blogging, I climb, I'm out and about ... Time is a precious commodity and should be used accordingly. Rest breaks between activities are therefore very important to me, so hang on to the couch with a good book or a nice TV documentary.

    4. Is there an article where you are now angry that you wrote and published it?

    Years later, I like to see with a smile that maybe one has become a bit wiser after all. Therefore: no.

    5. Do you have a dream tour (or a dream destination) that you may never do in life, but would like to experience?

    Since I'm fresh from Chile back, it pulls me back there! Although the Torres del Paine National Park is very commercial, expensive and overcrowded, down there in Patagonia will certainly find a nice, somewhat lonesome little path for me.

    6. Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?

    I like to do shorter trips alone. If I have too much, I grab my Microadventure backpack and go on my own. Here at the Bodensee There are nice spots to come to times. That frees me. Longer tours I like to do in the group - with a group for me but already consists of two people.

    7. Tell us your absolute travel tip. We will not say it any further.

    Music! Good music from headphones speeds up the gait, if necessary, and helps in the loudest mountain hut to a cap full of sleep.

    8. Which three places should everyone have seen? And why?

    The desert - the jungle - a volcano. These are places that lead me deep into my being, which people have probably touched since the beginning of time. 

    9. Which new sport would you like to try?

    Oh, there is a lot! At the moment I came to the taste of bigwall climbing in Chile. Sleeping in the wall for days, with plenty of air underfoot - to end up standing, looking down and thinking, "..." (no idea what you're thinking, "Yeah?" Or "Why?" Or just only: "I have to shower?")

    10. Which technical gadgets do you always or often have when you are on a tour / trip?

    Always: a camera and a smartphone. Mostly a GPS device. Everything including replacement batteries.

    11. What do you think about the fact that so many blog posts are currently on the way?

    Blogstöckchen are important on different levels: among other things, you get to know each other, among bloggers. In addition, the readers learn about a Blogstöckchen compressed content much more and learn the same still new blogs know.

    The answers for Chris

    1. Whats your favorite travel destination?

    Fresh from Chile, I definitely want to go there again: climbing in Cochamó, trekking in Patagonia, Pisco Sour in Santiago ...

    2. Campground or hotel?

    Definitely tent! From time to time a hotel with chairs, washing facilities and breakfast is also not to be despised!

    3. Individual or packages - how do you plan your travels?

    Always Individual - I love not knowing who I will meet tomorrow. Being in contact with strangers is a pre-programmed challenge that shows me a lot about the country and myself.

    4. Water or mountains - where do you relax?

    Mountains! I'm not very keen on water, and I manage to get seasick on Lake Constance myself. A few relaxing beach days are not bad either. Climbing and the sea has something, Croatia would irritate me.

    5. Below us bloggers - how much technology comes along in the suitcase?

    As mentioned above, the camera, smartphone and GPS is usually there.

    6. Where would you never go?

    Hm. Difficult. I think I would take a look at everything.

    7. What was the most delicious dish that you had on travel?

    My first tagine with fish and lemon in Morocco! An unforgettable taste experience.

    8. Where will this summer bring you?

    In the walls of the Alps - and hopefully in the vicinity of the 7th grade 😉 

    9th Tips for rainy days?

    A book. Currently on my table: In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin.

    10. How long can you spend your beach days - in minutes, hours, days?

    It will work for a few days. But then go on a tour of discovery into the interior!

    11th Show us your favorite travel photo

    My 11 questions to you

    So much for Ulis and Chris questions or my answers. Now to my questions, which I will ask 11 bloggers:

    1. What's up with the name of your blog?
    2. Why is it always pulling you outside? (Or in the world?)
    3. What was your best outdoor and / or travel experience in 2013?
    4. What's your worst?
    5. The dirtiest, most disgusting and filthiest place you've ever seen on a tour / trip?
    6. Where in the world have you not been, but you really want to go there?
    7. Which item must be in your hand luggage?
    8. Europe. What do you think about first when you hear the word?
    9. Is there a specific tour that you have done several times? Why?
    10. Which piece of equipment do you always take with you on hiking / climbing / outdoor tours, even though you never use it? (Except the first aid kit)
    11. Finally, why all the blogging work?

    The nominees

    The last bite the dogs, they say. The Blogstöckchen "Liebster Award" has been on the road for quite a while, so it's hard to understand who has been tagged and who has not. I try it anyway and tagge:



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