Favorite part: Vaude Scopi SYN Jacket - light and warm insulation

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    Favorite part: Vaude Scopi SYN Jacket - light and warm insulation

    "My new favorite jacket!". Is there a better judgment? Meanwhile, the Vaude Scopi SYN finds its way automatically into the backpack.

    The Scopi SYN jacket by Vaude is a 250 gram lightweight hybrid insulation jacket for sweaty activities. At the torso, the shoulders and the lateral part of the back, it isolates warm and comfortable with Polartec Alpha, a fairly new synthetic fiber insulation. The arms and part of the back are made of breathable tricot fabric. With this mixture, it is warm where it is needed, but it remains very light in weight. The stretch material on the arms and back offers the wearer enormous freedom of movement. Not only is the insulation something special: the jersey material was made from recycled polyamide derived from old fishing nets.

    Polartec Alpha

    Polartec Alpha was originally developed for the Special Forces of the US Army, was used in the outdoor market, it was then awarded several times. The special feature of the still quite new material is that it is much more breathable compared to other synthetic fiber insulation and dries even faster.

    The increased breathability is achieved by the special construction: the high-pile and water-repellent fibers are very coarse-meshed, creating space for air pockets, and moisture is removed by permanent air exchange. However, the Scopi SYN does not fare well, thanks to the wind-resistant outer material made of Pertex. This special construction offers the best breathability of any synthetic fiber insulation, albeit with a slightly lower thermal output. As a result, Polartec Alpha insulation jackets are particularly suitable for intensive loads with rather short breaks.

    The Scopi SYN uses the lightest insulation at 60 grams per square meter, which makes it suitable for use in the transitional period with temperatures well above freezing.

    Workmanship and fit

    The close-fitting cut Vaude Scopi SYN is very clean processed, all seams are straight, no thread is off. The high-cut collar protects against drafts, thumb loops keep the jacket in place.

    test application

    We tested the jacket under the following conditions:

    • as outer layer: when hiking in the mountains, as cold protection during breaks. Here the Scopi SYN played out their small pack size. It fits rolled up wonderfully in the small backpack
    • as intermediate layer: in the mountains she replaced the fleece under the hardshell as insulation layer
    • in everyday life: even in the city makes the jacket a sporty-feminine figure

    The temperature range in the tests, now in May, was between 8 and about 15 degrees.


    Dress and forget, this is the motto of the jacket. Due to the low weight, the stretch and the high breathability it did not disturb even on strenuous ascents.

    The tester nevertheless found two minor but painful deficiencies: the Napoleon bag is quite small, two more bags would not hurt. In the chest area, the fit is almost too tight, here would be a little more space good.



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