Life support: medicine, nutrition, sport

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    Life support: medicine, nutrition, sport

    meanwhile I'm pretty stable again and train hard. Time heals all wounds, they say, but you can help a little bit. My current good physical condition is clearly due to three factors: medicine, nutrition and exercise.

    Medical support 

    Together with my gastroenterologist Barlinn and my family doctor Linzmeier, but also with the help of the rehabilitation clinic in the Waldachtal, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, the Klinikum Konstanz, the doctors and nurses there, but also cardiologists and the dermatologist we all managed to get back on my feet deliver.

    Guys and gals, at this point a big thank you! 

    I know that Crohn's disease is difficult to treat, and apart from cortisone, it does not really help much during an acute episode. Thank you for the endless patience, the trying out, the reacting, and above all: for the open ear, when I was "uncomfortable" with one or the other therapy - and the courage to trust me and to adapt the treatment.


    It took a bit longer for me to actually implement the undoubted connection between diet and Crohn's disease. Humans - or I - are just too lazy and thankfully grateful for the offers of the food industry. A big "help" in dietary change was paradoxically the ban on "fresh" foods, fruits and vegetables, during rehab. Such cravings on crisp salad and the like I had never believed in my life!

    I still pay attention to what I eat, I still do not trust my beloved Swabian lentils with Spaetzle, salad I still snip as small as possible (the intestinal seal is anchored deep in the psyche!). But otherwise, I cook as much as possible fresh and try to largely refrain from industrially produced.

    Suddenly, I also know about the various ingredients of food, the micro and macronutrients. Sure, I've always known that, but now the "right" and balanced combination of foods is always present. I have an eye on my blood levels and my inflammatory status and choose a suitable diet, now even instinctively.


    In the rehabilitation clinic, the sports therapists and physiotherapists have repeatedly motivated me to do sports. Gentle, slow, with the heart rate in mind - and that was good! Immediately after the rehab, I did the exercises with long walks, short running sessions (only a few hundred meters only), dumbbell training and with the Theraband.

    Over night, or better, I had to access the built-up weight reserves and trained power reserves. I do not know if I would have survived the second hospital stay, with liver abscess and sepsis, if I had been as weak as before the rehab!

    Sport has so many advantages for me, among others

    • A passable state of training gives you the psychological security to survive difficult times better
    • I love the noticeable increases in my runs
    • I also like to come across conditional or physical limits and find it exciting that they seem to always appear in alternation
    • Through sport, I approach my ideal weight again, so I feel better in my body

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