Campfire romance at Microadventures

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    Campfire romance at Microadventures

    (Advertising) The campfire is so archaic, hardly anyone can escape the fascination. For me, a campfire is part of a successful microadventure.

    Heat, light, the flickering and crackling, the smell of a campfire brings people together for ages. Stories are told, it is cooked, eavesdropped or just stared at the flames. A campfire has something magical about it, it connects us to our ancestors, who sat around the fire many generations ago, as we do today.


    Many of my microadventures end at a public fire pit. Here I do not have to worry about the fire, and mostly there are infrastructure such as tables and benches. With some tips you can also kindle a small campfire away from the fireplaces.


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    Cooking over the campfire

    Now the fire is burning, and it's time to cook something.


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    The can boiler

    In the dry summer months you should basically do without a campfire, the forest fire danger is simply too high. So that the kitchen does not remain cold even in summer, there are various types of camping cookers that you can take with you. Alastair Humphreys introduces you to a small, but fine and above all cheap alternative: the can cooker.


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    This post is from the series "Microadventures with Alastair Humphreys" in cooperation with Wrangler - Born Ready.

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    literature by Alastair Humphreys:



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