La Sportiva Pegasus Primaloft

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    La Sportiva Pegasus Primaloft

    The Pegasus is an insulating synthetic fiber jacket by La Sportiva. It is minimalist, functional and extremely high-quality processed - and also pretty chic! The relation of low dead weight and heat output results in a jacket that can be anywhere, warms at minus degrees and robustly withstands even heavy use and moisture.

    The test scenarios were a trekking trip through the Djebel Sarhro with temperature differences of 35 ° C between day and night and, to test even the harder conditions, ice climbing at a humid 0 °. In both scenarios, the jacket has proven itself well.

    The heat output of an insulation layer largely depends on the filling used. In principle there are two possibilities: down and synthetic fiber filling.

    Down vs. synthetic fiber

    Down is a still unreached natural product and is still the lightest filler with extreme thermal insulation - with a KO criterion: Moisture! Down clumps together, completely losing its insulating properties when wet. Even little moisture such as sweat is already noticeable. Down is therefore a relatively sensitive filling material and must be cared for carefully. Synthetic fiber is far less demanding and warms even when wet or damp - although not nearly as good as dry.

    Primaloft One is one of the best on the market Synthetic insulations and is also used in conditions where regular drying and a minimum of care can not be guaranteed.

    The manufacturer of the Primaloft One insulation: "Ultrafine fibers are specially treated in a patented process and then assembled into an insulating core that is incredibly soft, lightweight and water-repellent. PrimaLoft One absorbs 3 times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and 24% warmer when wet than competitive insulation materials. "

    Details of Pegasus: Cut & Materials

    The Pegasus is cut relatively close to the body. This cut makes it easier for the body to heat the air trapped in the insulation. To ensure that the laboriously produced heat remains in the jacket, the outer material is windproof and also water-repellent.

    The human loses most of the body heat over his head - therefore, a good hood for the heat output is essential. The hood of the Pegasus is cut large enough to wear even a thick hat and just under a helmet underneath. The high collar closes right up to the tip of the nose, so the hood only lets the field of vision clear.

    Conclusion: A sturdy, moisture-resistant insulation jacket that cuts a fine figure in the city.



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