Cow escape waterfalls in Farchant

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    Cow escape waterfalls in Farchant

    Worth a visit despite the bad weather: the Kuhfluchtwasserfälle at Farchant.

    It's cold here in the Blue Land! Is that why the name comes from? No, in fact, he comes from the Expressionists, the group of "Blue Riders", who have been here about a hundred years ago to be raptured by the lovely landscape among the high mountains, from the lakes and moors and the snow-capped peaks and the very Upper Bavarian villages and towns. Malerwinkel, the Blue Land, got such names then this patch of earth. And indeed, it is beautiful here. But I digress ...

    Of course, we have chosen a cold front for our holiday, in the sun, after all, can make any holiday in the mountains. As the day after the arrival is directly a public holiday, a cityhike including a stop-off turns into various shopping huts. It's cold, it's drizzling and shivering, but it keeps rousing again and again. The thick, heavy clouds are pressing on the peaks of the surrounding mountains, I do not want to get stuck in them. Between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Murnau, at the top right of the wall, surrounded by forest, waterfalls are bubbling down. We want to go there!

    Kuhflucht Wasserfälle
    Kuhflucht waterfalls

    You can park in Farchant, in the direction of Warmbad (then left) is a trail parking lot. From here, a wide path goes through the beautiful Kuhfluchtwald. Soon we discover boards and signs that enlighten about the mountain forest. Various stations of the forest adventure path invite you to active learning. At one point is a crack pit, and signs mark how far different animals can jump. I end up with the fox. The path is well developed and also very suitable for children.

    At about the height of the upper bridge it rains stronger and we turn around. We do not want to get wet even when we are frozen through.




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