Compression stockings from CEP

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    Compression stockings from CEP

    What do compression stockings bring?

    The socks are certainly the least attention paid to the outfit. This compression stockings can do a lot. Similar socks are known from medicine, where they are successfully used in circulatory disorders in the legs and thrombosis prevention. The socks are knit from the ankle to below the knee with a tight, elastic material that puts pressure on the calf. The compression socks for athletic use then have a special, physiologically adapted pressure profile.

    The pressure exerted by the compression stockings increases from top to bottom and thus runs analogously to the fabric pressure, which increases in the direction of gravity. Compression stockings consist of two-way material and have both a longitudinal and a transverse strain.

    The increased external pressure can relax the muscles in the leg. The compression improves the return flow of oxygen-poor blood to the heart and stimulates the lymphatic system So the blood can no longer "sag" in the leg, and the legs swell little or not at all. By allowing the arteries to become more blood-permeable and to transport more oxygen and nutrients, the muscles are also better supplied with oxygen, which leads to an improvement in their performance.

    In the test

    1) Progressive + Run Merino Socks Women

    In the packaging of the compression stockings an info booklet is included, by I discover a guide to put on the stockings. Phew, that looks complicated. One should first turn the stocking to the left, then put it over the foot and pull up the stocking turned to the left. Now you have to get it over the heel and then pull it up evenly. Sounds more complicated than it really is in practice. With a little pulling and plucking you get the socks quite well. You should make sure that the stocking is wrinkle-free and does not wrap the waistband.

    As soon as I was wearing the socks, a pleasantly warm and supportive feeling was distributed. It seems somehow more stable, as if you had more support on your legs (see homepage).

    Even during my mountain run, I had consistently a pleasant warming and supportive feeling on the calves. Unfortunately, I started to sweat on my feet during the run. That surprised me a bit, because the stockings have a merino wool share, which has a heat balancing effect and I barely sweat on my feet. Although the stockings are not very thick, I had a good grip in the running shoe and no slipping in the shoe. I also noticed positively the supporting effect on the ankle. In addition, the well-fitting and long stocking in the area protects against scratches from branches and stones. The warming effect can certainly also counteract muscle tears, ligament strain and joint complaints. When taking off the stockings, I then had a visible impression of the bruises.

    Fact Sheet

    • Manufacturer: cep "Made in Germany"
    • tested size III Women: calf circumference 32-38cm
    • other sizes: II: calf circumference 25-31cm; IV: 39-44cm (here the circumference of the strongest part of the calf must be measured)
    • Materials: 55% polyamide, 17% wool, 15% spandex, 13% polypropylene
    • Washing machine wash at 30 degrees possible
    • Recommended retail price: 49,95 € ( As of October 2014)

    2) Dynamic + Outdoor Merino Mid-Cut Socks

    The Outdoor Mid-Cut Socks series is, as the name implies, especially for outdoor activities, which attract especially higher shoes. Therefore, the next mountain tour is ideal for testing my new socks.

    At home, first of all, the super workmanship falls on, finally a sock "made in Germany". The above-mentioned "instructions" for putting on the socks seems exaggerated, but if the socks are to be compressed in the right places with the right pressure, it makes sense. In contrast to my normal hiking socks you notice the difference immediately. The compression socks over more pressure, without really tight.

    The material composition has an antibacterial and odor-inhibiting, I could wear the socks on the next tour day directly again. Even as the socks are soaked through my sweaty feet, I do not start to "swim" or squeeze out water with each step, that's really nice. Since it rests tightly and non-slip on the foot, there are no pressure points and blisters that I usually get in my shoes if I do not remove my feet. When undressing then falls on positive that the feet are not swollen by the long running.

    Overall, the socks convinced me completely. The quality of course has its price, but you should be willing to pay for outdoor activities, you do not want to buy new socks every year.

    Fact Sheet

    • Manufacturer: cep "Made in Germany"
    • tested size III Men: Ankle circumference 20.5-23 cm
    • other sizes: IV: fetlock circumference 23.5-26 cm; V: 26.5-29 cm (the circumference of the narrowest part of the ankle must be measured here)
    • Materials: 64% polyamide, 18% wool, 10% spandex, 8% silk
    • Machine washing at 30 degrees possible
    • Recommended price of the manufacturer: 24,90 € ( As of October 2014)


    The stockings give us when walking and hiking in any case a very pleasant supportive and positive warming feeling. Whether regeneration has been improved by wearing stockings is something we can not honestly say. However, this has been proven in some tests. 

    studies: "The results of the studies conducted on this topic suggest that those athletes who wear compression stockings suffer less soreness after running and have slightly shorter recovery times than runners who train in conventional running socks. Compression may result in less muscle vibration and consequently fewer microcracks in the muscle fibers, which explains why."

    I think everyone has to test for themselves whether the compression stockings appear comfortable and bring about an improvement. The socks gave us a positive walking and hiking feeling. And now you can wear them in a variety of sports.



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