Physical fitness and Crohn's disease

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    Physical fitness and Crohn's disease

    In an acute episode of Crohn's disease, the body uses much of the energy on the body inflammation of the intestine. No one who is not affected can imagine the level of fatigue one has to live on a daily basis.

    Often the energy is just enough for going to the toilet, sometimes not even and you collapse on the way there. Or slips off the bowl. Everything already experienced.

    That is why it is important (vital), after a boost reserves replenish and a good one constitution build. You never know when the next thrust will come, when to tap the established and trained reserves. That gives security, that means "being prepared" for me.

    nutrition of course plays a big role in filling the depots. It is just as important to do sports. Impressively proved to me in the rehab clinic. Sport heals Twice: naturally physically, by strengthening the cardiovascular system, by building muscle, but also psychologically, especially when you do sports in nature. It brings me deep satisfaction to see me turn from a mound of misery back to a person who can enjoy nature because the body does what it ought to do: bring the performance, even a simple walk in the woods now once required.

    To run

    I try to walk as much as possible and still Closing Day observed. So far nothing new, every runner will do so. Through my medical history, however, I come across barriers again and again. 

    • General exhaustion, I just stay at home, I just walk by the lake or just lie and read. Preferably, of course, about adventure.
    • For colds I am quite vulnerable (the intestine is an important part of the immune system), also because I restrict the exercise. A rehab colleague has had a fixed defibrillator implanted, probably because he has been exercising despite having a cold. I do not need that too.
    • Tendons and ligaments take forever, until they get used to stress, that slows me down more often. With breaks, horse ointment and acupuncture, I get this usually after a few days back under control. I also know that from the beginning of my climbing, there it was the tendons on the elbow and the hands. Now just tweak the Achilles tendon, the ankles or the sole of the foot.
    • The strenght is to be found in serenity! Exposing more often, pausing to pause or cancel the training and go home comfortably brings me at the moment probably more than cramping and compulsive to pull through the running training.

    In the beginning I was desperately trying to get my pulse - on urgent advice of the sports therapists of the rehabilitation clinic. But that was impossible, since I already estimated after 10 meters above the training pulse of 150 strokes. At some point I ignored that and often reached a maximum pulse of 203. But then I was a bit worried and got checked by a cardiologist. He said: all right, let it go, that is already leveling off! The heart rate monitor has been running since then, and I'm satisfied that it really improves. Such a high maximum pulse has not occurred for some time. Probably it was also due to cortisone, anyway, I have to make a real effort to get to 190 now. The rest has also fallen even further. Compared to 80 strokes on the first Crohn's disease article in June I reached 70 strokes. That's why I love the technique: it confirms, halfway objectively, what I feel, how I feel, what's possible.

    strength training

    General strengthening and strength training I do at home Dumbbells and Theraband, In order to expand the exercises from the rehab clinic, I have a book on body weight training and one worried about Theraband, which can hoses me pretty well in the morning.

    But right now, rather by a lucky coincidence, I am a member of one Gym, Wooha, the first time Mucki-Bude! No, that's not so bad at the best fitness. Thomas, the operator, is a genuinely caring guy with a fair idea and a friend with Crohn's disease. Best conditions, then. There I can go in and out, how it fits me and my body.

    He offers twice a week Rehab-Sports on. With the help of TRX-slingsSuspended from the ceiling, you can dose the effort quite finely yourself. Tuesday morning, due to the time and the associated average age, the training is more comfortable, but then I go Thursday afternoon to the border. The training with the slings is wonderful functional training that integrates strength, balance and stretching and can be quite exhausting.

    In addition, I still train in the normal studio at the devices, Currently is Strength-endurance training My favorite in the "Milon" circle. Eight stations that you go through in order. Always a minute of training, and thirty seconds of rest and time to switch gears. After the first three stations comes the crosstrainer, then another three stations and at the end of the circle a bike ergometer. Crosstrainer and ergometer have been set to 150 watts, four minutes long. At the latest at the second circle I did not manage that anymore. After a quick consultation on whether a break or lower wattage would be better, we have reduced to 130 watts.

    Training frequency and work

    All in all, I'm in "good" weeks daily training, usually it settles on three to four units per week, every four or five weeks, for example, I do not train at all or only once or twice, mostly because the "other" life, ie work or the like is too stressful, or whole simply because I have a cold or something else plagues me.

    I am fortunate not to be caught in an eight-hour day at the moment. I have no time for myself and my body, and above all, I have no time for the necessary respites, However, I "buy" this freedom through the need for money and a lack of social contacts that can not be demonstrated by hand. Therefore, I am glad to have a nice side job with a lot of customer contact, happy about every offer to be able to do some advertising here on, and of course glad of the few regular customers who hold me loyally and I trust. If the rent and the health insurance are paid and the fridge is filled, that's enough. Sure, there's a lot of air up there, but that will come back when the time is right.

    Self-optimization, logging and tracking

    Since I'm a bit of a nerd, protokolliere me everything, the GPS and heart rate monitor and my smartphone help me track training and nutrition, Strava and rubyTrack already contain a pretty sizeable Datenberg, me Feedback gives. It's also fun for me, for example, to see my average heart rate visualized since January and see that it's sinking. Or that I average faster, although I do not make an effort anymore. What did I celebrate the first ten kilometers?

    I am also learning to use this data trust, For example, the resting heartbeat in March, about a week before the liver abscess, clearly showed that something was wrong. Meanwhile, I would listen to such an alarn signal and march directly to the doctor.



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