Cooking system MiniMo from Jetboil in the test

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    Cooking system MiniMo from Jetboil in the test

    Just yet on the Outdoor Exhibition seen, and already in the test at aufundab: the Jetboil MiniMo Gas stove! The MiniMo is the further development of the well-known Kocher system Sol (Ti)and replaces this from 2015.

    What's new?

    That's the first thing new format on: a bit squat, not so high, but he has gone a bit wide. The second glance then reveals more details that suggest that the developers are not just the vulnerability have worked up the sol, but have also responded to customer requests. The handle is no longer a soft strip of insulating material, but consists of two hinged and silicone-coated wire hanger. in the cover The stand is enclosed for the gas cartridge, which was placed in the predecessor simply in the pot. Otherwise, there is still the practical in the lid spout and drinking opening.

    Fundamentally new, however, besides the obviously different format, is that inspired by the Jetboil Joule jet, It has been completely redesigned and now leaves one much finer regulation the gas outlet too. With this the cooker outgrows his dull kettle life and becomes a cooker in which one can properly cook. The flame can be regulated down so far that there is no more burning of the food. The Burner with FluxRing (the integrated heat exchanger) now locks easier and better on the pot. Both fits, together with a small gas cartridge, sideways into the pot.

    Whether you are the now cozies, who wants to buy thermo insulation around the pot, actually in different designs, let's go there - at least you can do that now. Pimp your cooker! In the Grande Coffee Press however, I could then already become weak 😉

    Innovations convince

    Due to the larger diameter of the 1 liter The pot, which is a bit lower at the same time, can also be easily used with standard spoons - up to the bottom of the pot! No more scratched hands from trying to scrape the remains from the depths of the pot. So small changes can do so much and add so much value to the product!


    In any case, a well thought-out development of a classic that is well made and worthwhile. The new format is fun, you can finally cook properly and the total weight is still acceptable. So if you are still looking for an all-in-one stove for one to a maximum of two people, you should take a closer look at the Jetboil MiniMo from 2015 onwards.



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