Cooking on the way: recipe tip CousCous

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    Cooking on the way: recipe tip CousCous

    When cooking on the way, some factors play a role that are less important at home: on the one hand there is the durability and especially the weight of the food, but also things like fuel consumption should be considered. Heavy cans or long cooking rice will automatically fall out. Cooking should also be practicable, as you only have one flame at a time, a maximum of 2 pots and usually a small amount of water for subsequent rinsing.

    If you're not out backpacking, you should go shopping. I always have that way Couscous, Soup cubes, spices (a handful of these small paper bags with salt and pepper from the burger next door are very handy ...) and a jar of oil from home and on the way complement if possible with a little fresh vegetables, salami and so on.

    CousCous, Bulgur or similar (durum wheat grits in different coarse grains) you get almost everywhere, at least in Europe and North Africa. It does not have to cook, like pasta or rice, forever, but only for a few minutes. Enriched with fresh vegetables from the souk or the field next door, who likes to take meat, salami, ham, fish, etc. to. Also a sweet variant with (dry) fruits and nuts is delicious and brings variety.

    A couscous recipe: the standard of my travel kitchen for 2 people

    • different vegetables, onion, garlic, depending on supply situation
    • Tomato puree / pith / sauce, also depending on supply situation
    • who likes it: diced salami, bacon, ham ...
    • Soup cubes for the seasoning, salt, pepper, fresh herbs, lemon .. just what is available.

    Fry the onion and salami, sauté the vegetables for a short time, add the tomato puree, crumble the bouillon cubes, about 3/4 cup (of course the classic: the Berghaferl Add couscous to it and fill up with water. CousCous draws neat liquid and swells easily on the double volume, so maybe the flame just turn down and now and then pour a sip of water.



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