Climbing is not just for climbers - as climbing also keeps professional athletes fit

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    Climbing is not just for climbers - as climbing also keeps professional athletes fit

    Climbing is not just a sport for outdoor fans and adrenaline junkies. It has been in the mainstream for a while now and not only are bouldering halls increasingly open, but also professional athletes from other disciplines always rely on climbing as a supplement to their everyday training. 

    Especially footballers integrate climbing more and more in their training plan, because it not only brings fun, but trains special muscles, tests limits and helps with concentration. Therefore, the DFB is already starting to bring the young footballers to the climbing walls and rocks. On The advantages of extensions in the training plan by climbing and other sports are clearly explained.


    The advantages of climbing in the training plan 

    Bouldering, speed climbing, in indoor or outdoor - all types of climbing offer a special balance to football that you can not find in the gym. Because it claims muscle groups that are otherwise difficult to reach. On is z. B. emphasizes how much climbing can help professional footballers build and train the core muscles. In addition, climbing is a full-body sport that trains and harnesses muscles throughout the body. 

    Added to this is the coordination required for climbing. So if you climb, you are constantly training them and that is also a skill that is practical in football. After all, numerous movements and processes must be coordinated here as well. This brings us directly to the next point, which is expressed by a climbing training: concentration. It may be almost superfluous to say how important it is on the climbing wall, and this sharp focus also benefits footballers on the court. Not to mention the self-reflection that is required when climbing and the fact that you are confronted with its limits again and again in this sport. So it's an ideal sport to know your limits and test them. This combination of physical and mental training makes climbing the perfect balance sport for footballers. 


    Climbing footballer

    Climbing is used as a supplement for amateurs, but also professionals are increasingly relying on an expansion in their training. More and more Bundesliga players use climbing as a balancing sport Straight muscular and lean players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Gomez or Robert Lewandowski and their athletic body benefit, for example, from a muscle building through climbing and not just pure strength training. 

    The achievements of Lewandowski can be followed in current games in the Bundesliga, where he is currently considered one of the most successful players. Here the influence and the advantage of climbing can be seen as a supplement. Lewandowski, for example, is one of the key players of Bayern and this team is also on this year with a quota of 1.63 as the favorite on the Bundesliga victory there. Climbing enhances the concentration and ambition of the top player in addition to the everyday training and the strength of the player promotes the performance of the team. Precisely for this reason, the coach relies on this sport as support - obviously successful.

    Not only footballers and other athletes use climbing as compensation and for many the sport is also simply a relaxing hobby. The benefits of climbing can not be emphasized enough.



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