Climbing on the Battert: only for daring beginners

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    Climbing on the Battert: only for daring beginners

    The Battert - adventurous climbing for moralists

    For security-accustomed indoor climbers this is certainly nothing. For all other climbers the climbing area holds Battert Baden-Baden offers a wealth of routes in all levels of difficulty.

    The picturesque rocky needles meandering through the canopy, as well as the very own climbing on the horizontally striped porphyry conglomerate, and last but not least the easy access via the upper and lower rock path, make the climbing area one of the most beautiful in Germany. The hedging with bolts is rather bold to call, especially in the lower levels of difficulty you put back many climbing meters, until finally a Bühler comes along. Up to the respective exit one can get rid however usually of its complete supply of loops, wedges and friends without further ado. It climbs so much easier, if you are not flashing and flashing, hanging like a Christmas tree, on the way.

    So I was allowed to try out during our visit directly in Trad-Climbing and rose the one or the other IIIer-Kamin and IVer-Verschneidungen with proper fluttering (the nerves), but also massive jingling (of the material) briskly before. Well, brisk would be a bit over the top. Carefully, it's more likely. In any case, I used the bored stands but thankfully. At least something boring, for abseiling then, there comes on (high) mood. Guys, it was fun, I'll be back.

    palatinum By the way, the Battert is called a paradise for "morally established pleasure climbers". I do not add anything to that here. And also Martin feels similar to the Battert, which calms me down, as he probably climbs in much higher grades.

    Literature: Climbing guide Schwarzwald: Band Nord



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