Small beasts in the forest and how you protect yourself from it

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    Small beasts in the forest and how you protect yourself from it

    (Un) secret journeymen: tick, fox tapeworm and oak processionary moth

    Not only in distant countries, but also in native areas lurk dangers and common foolishness. You will learn the three most important and most dangerous animals as well as the countermeasures here.


    By André Karwath aka Aka [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons

    Ticks (castor bean tick) are small, ugly beasts. They belong to the arachnids (or, more specifically, mites), which attract people who flock through the meadows and forests. So us. The little bit of blood they drain from us is of course not the problem, but the illnesses that they can transmit when they drink. Ticks are potential carriers of the diseases Lyme disease and TBE or meningitis.

    The best way to protect yourself is to wear long, light clothes that you do not like. There are also certain anti-tick defense sprays known as repellents. You should have a close look at the evening, especially in places where the skin is soft and thin, for example on the inside of the thighs or the armpits and armpits. If a tick has bitten, you should keep calm and remove it quickly. For this you should use a tongs or Tick card use, and make sure that you also hit the head - often this gets stuck in the skin. Do not turn, rub with oil or use other home remedies. Just completely remove and good. Especially in risk areas protects one vaccination against TBE and is highly recommended!

    Shop-Apotheke TÜV-zertifizierte Versandapotheke

    It was previously thought that ticks feel comfortable only up to heights of about 800 meters. Recently, however - quite certainly because of climate change - ticks were found in the mountains in the Czech Republic or Switzerland up to heights of 1500 meters.


    By Alan R Walker [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

    For years, the fox tapeworm already haunts the woods and the heads of the people. Again and again you hear, you should not eat wild berries, just because of fox tapeworm. The fox tapeworm is a parasite whose eggs and larvae primarily destroy the liver of humans (hydatid disease). But how likely is a disease actually? The University of Ulm, leader in the treatment of the disease, says: "Wild berries are by no means particularly heavily burdened with tapeworm eggs ".

    Although the number of reported new infections is increasing (from 12 in 2001 to 36 in 2014), alveolar echinococcosis is a very rare disease. Focal points of the infections are in the rest of Baden-Württemberg (in the Swabian Alb: 70% of the foxes carry here the pathogen) and Bavaria. This is due to the growing fox population.

    One can protect oneself by washing off fruits collected near the ground before consumption - and your own pets (they can act as intermediaries) every three months dewormed.

    Oak processionary

    Oak Processionary Moth - by Kleuske [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

    The oak processionary moth is a caterpillar whose stinging hair contains a protein poison. Contact with these hairs can cause allergies that can even lead to death. You do not even have to touch it consciously or unconsciously, as the hair can be worn with the wind over long distances. The old skins with the burning hair remain dangerous for a long time even after pupation. So-called "nests" stay in the undergrowth and soil cover for years and thus pose a danger for a long time.

    The protection from it is correspondingly difficult. Basically, you should avoid areas of infestation, protect open skin areas and immediately change the clothes after possible contact, take a shower and wash hair. If you have discovered nests, never remove yourself, but report to the forestry service or the mayor's office. For symptoms such as wheals or other allergic skin reactions, but also dizziness, fever, fatigue, you should consult a doctor who then treated with cortisol and / or antihistamines. Rarely, there are also allergic shock reactions.



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