June, finally skiing again!

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    June, finally skiing again!

    Soon it will be summer, but there is still snow in the mountains. Fast ski tour to the Flüela Schwarzhorn (3146m).

    Last year we were on our last ski tour of the season last June (s. here), we wanted to relocate this time a bit behind. Although it has been warm for weeks and we splash every two days in Lake Constance, there is still enough snow in the high mountains or on easily accessible passes. The weather forecast was quite passable, so rather bad, but it is well known that the motivation. So we leave in the evening with the car and come around midnight on Flüelapass (more accurate P. 2332) on. Here there is a parking lot every 500 meters, and in the dark, of course, we do not find the optimal one. But that makes no difference to the length (= shortness) of the tour.

    The alarm rings at 4 o'clock and punctually it starts dribbling. If the sky was cloudless before, you suddenly have a gray blanket over you. Quickly we make ourselves comfortable in the car, have breakfast and wait for the shower. At 5.15 am we are halfway motivated to start running, it just does not rain! The mountain tops are still in the clouds, the dawn shimmers and we go with the skis (in the hand) on the trail. The leads over a few smaller snowfields diagonally up to the Schwarzchopf (P. 2606) around, so that there is a bit more snow on top. As soon as you turn the corner, the view opens onto the basin between Schwarzhorn and Piz Radönt, and lo and behold, blue sky shows up (far back). No matter, more important is first: It has snow!

    Always along the stream, we are now only on snow remains, but after a few "grass crossings" we remain permanently in white. At this time of the year, the brook is milling deeper and deeper through the thick blanket of snow, which looks like it springs from a glacier's mouth. But there is no glacier here, except for the small Vadret da Radönt up there ... We are heading straight for the Schwarzhornfurgga, arriving after a short steep step P. 2679 again on the trail. Through the clouds it is relatively cool, although above zero. Nevertheless, the snow remains pleasantly little sultry, and with the freshly impregnated skins it goes briskly uphill. One hour after the start we are in the Schwarzhornfurgga (P. 2880), and here the west wind blows in the face. Occasional raindrops clap in the face, but at least the cloud border has shifted far upwards, the mountains appear in a surreal black and white contrast.

    The rocky steep step on the summit ridge is of course snow-free, on the trail we have the altitude up quickly carried. The rest of the back has the perfect slope to ascend quickly. The unprotected location is great - for the view, not for the strong and cold wind. At 7.45 clock it is time, we reach the Summit of Flüela Schwarzhorn, 3146m, The change of clothes runs like in winter, so the wind cools one out. The cloud cover creates a mad feeling, many peaks are in the clouds. Nevertheless, the view extends to the säntis, to Schesaplana and the Berninagruppe, This area between Davos and the Engadine is simply awesome. As far as tours are concerned, we look at recently visited peaks like Piz Sarsura, Piz Kesch and Scalettahorn.

    Despite the discomfort up here, we enjoy this last ski tour and leave only at 8.30 clock. The snow did not get any worse in the meantime, and cheers go downhill. Another tour runner with two dogs still comes to meet us, otherwise the people stay in the weather probably rather at home. After all, it does not rain anymore, but even that could not diminish the joy of skiing. We pull in the valley far east to take a lot of distance. On P. 2641 go right past and at the lake P. 2487 again over the hill. Actually we wanted to take the Piz Radönt, the combination of the snow in Coulouir and the weather lets us drive on. We cross the stream P. 2441 and drive down a snow-filled gully behind a hill, which (madness!) even close P. 2263 leads to the street! If our car were here, we would not have had any contact with the car, and in the middle of June! First of all we celebrate with cola and chocolate, the kilometer to our car went up quickly afterwards.



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