In the test: Backpack Osprey Variant 37

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    In the test: Backpack Osprey Variant 37

    During the Eiskletterkurses In the middle of January I had the alpine and ice climbing backpack Variant 37 from Osprey in the test.

    The first impression before use: The Osprey Variant 37 has quite a few buckles and straps. In addition, I felt the handling of the shutter a little strange or difficult to use. However, the impression has improved significantly after several days of use. Especially the closures I found with gloves really good to use.

    The chaos on or with the many straps but was not really going on. It is now clear which belt is responsible for what, but somehow they are a bit messy or nested. So I had to repeatedly thread the belt when closing the lid on the outside pocket for crampons. This is better solved with other backpacks.


    You can get ice tools more or less well on most rucksacks. For wet crampons, however, you always need an additional crampon bag. Here, the Osprey has created a super easy way in a reinforced outer pockets. Crampons or other equipment such as ice screws can be easily stowed here. Simply remove crampons, push into the bag and you do not have to be afraid of getting wet.

    In a hotel as a base camp, the tested 37 liter volume variant is a little too big. Since I still had a lot of breath in there, then I could not even take so much food. The backpack was both empty and well to carry with 80 meters of rope and still sat without slipping. The frame in the back always made for a good fit. The foam back is good, and I suspect that it is less breathable in warm weather.

    The lid pocket is removable, which I did not do, because I like to keep my camera handy in the lid pocket. If you do not have a complete camera in the lid pocket, you may already find it oversized. In contrast, the compartment that remains after disassembly as a lid, rather something small. Here just the essentials fit into it. In addition, this is then not accessible from the outside, which, for example, prevents quick access to the camera. Therefore, the whole lid pocket was better for me and worth a little more weight.


    The backpack is well made, everything feels robust and is easy to use. The reinforced outer pocket for the crampons is super-practical. The shell itself is sturdy, I would not worry about harder rock contact, also because the front is abrasion-resistant due to a special PU texture. Unfortunately, the weather was just too nice, it just snowed. Snow keeps the outer shell and the back plate but good, I could not find any moisture in the interior.

    If you want to have less weight, you can already remove the lid pocket and also remove the hip straps, altogether sp can save over 600 grams. The hip belt can also be easily folded back out of the way and does not bother during transport and on the harness. For smaller tours with less equipment, the hip belt has already processed material loops. The removal of the waist belt or the lid pocket is unfortunately not without unthreading to do, that could be solved more easily.


    Overall, the backpack is robust and well made. Snowfall did not bother him. I got along well with the buckles. However, the straps are all a bit too nested and I had to 'search' several times. For a tour of the hotel I was 37 liters too big, but for a tour with a little more equipment, it is a good backpack. Anyway, I'll use the backpack more often, and then I'm curious how he makes in the summer. Since the 37 liters then enough for a weekend and with about 1.5 kilograms, the weight / volume ratio fits well.



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