In the test - glasses Adidas Terrex Fast

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    In the test - glasses Adidas Terrex Fast

    (Advertising) For several weeks now I have the Adidas Terrex Fast glasses in the test. The Terrex can be brought in a few simple steps in different configuration. Far more than you know from the classic sunglasses with fold-up sun protection.


    The tested Terrex Fast (A393 6050) Glasses are not just stylish sunglasses, they are glasses for everything! In the delivered, rather large box is first a classic glasses which one does not look at the Flexibiltät. The classic spectacle frame sits well, who like me like a small pressure on the ear felt can adjust the eyeglass frame. 

    The angle of the brackets to the glasses can be adjusted in three stages. This reduces the slight pressure on me, which I have when wearing glasses for a long time. 

    The straps are also completely interchangeable by a band. As a result, the glasses are better on the nose even with larger activities. This is great for the slopes. Especially in warmer weather is a lighter sunglasses on the slopes quite pleasant. But what leads to the typical sunglasses fear of losing. The Terrex sits just as safe as a normal ski goggle, but at the same time is much more comfortable to wear.

    Against the wind, you can then clip a windscreen behind the glasses. This is just worth it at 'Fahrtwind'. Already with the daily journey to work I usually fight with watery eyes, through the wind protection the turbulences are missing. Especially in summer this is a great option.

    In addition to the various options on the frame, you can also exchange the lenses themselves. For this purpose, the glasses are simply separated from the glasses with light force. Adidas offers different glasses other glasses, in addition to the dark sunglasses glasses make the LST BRIGHT glasses just in Konstanz fog good service. The polarization improves the contrast. 

    As a disadvantage, however, you can see the change, so I'm on the way but always slightly worried about dropping or losing the glasses when changing made. Also, my motor skills are not enough to change with gloves. Without gloves, this is much easier, but unfortunately always leads to greasy spots on the glasses. So after the swap so always a small cleaning round is announced. Conveniently, however, the protective covers of the glasses and glasses are also a cleaning cloth at the same time. 


    After a few uses, I find the glasses really great. Especially for simple tours replaced the glasses my normal glasses. Due to the exchangeability of the glasses I spare myself here the transportation of several glasses. Here the addition "almost" actually makes sense. Whether the windbreak is still tight even in harsh situations with wind and snow has yet to be seen. Presumably, the glasses will be worse, as my goggles are much denser here. But that does not make the windscreen any less practical in normal conditions.

    All in all, great glasses, though not necessarily cheap, but especially for tours with difficult to estimate weather conditions is very convenient to be prepared for everything.

    The Terrex is less cut for narrow faces, like airfreshing stated - the outdoor page has in turn praised the fit. So try on!

    pictures of Sebastian Barthenheier

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