Hyberg Attila LM - Ultralight backpack

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    Hyberg Attila LM - Ultralight backpack

    The Attila from the German brand Hyberg is a solid backpack based on the ultralight principle. at Ultralight the function is placed at the center of the design, everything unnecessary is deliberately omitted. This one achieves a low weight, but of course sacrifices conventional, possibly cherished features of "normal" backpacks.

    The easiest way to save the most weight is with the backpack, the tent and the sleeping system. Therefore, one speaks of backpack, tent and sleep system of the "Big 3". The rule of thumb is "3 for 3", ie three kilograms for these three systems. The goal is to stay under one kilogram with each element.

    The use of an Ultralight backpack requires some know-how, which replaces the missing features. For example, a complex and heavy carrying frame is not required, but it is no longer necessary with ultralight equipment and the knowledge of how to pack such a backpack.

    A typical feature of ultralight rucksacks is the large mesh pocket on the front. Here you will find all the space you want to have at your fingertips: the daily ration, the rain jacket, sunscreen, toilet paper or the wet tent.

    Additional outer pockets on the sides and on the hip belt pick up the things that you want to have on hand without stopping. These are, for example, the drinking bottle, snacks such as cereal bars, sunglasses, camera or smartphone.

    At a glance

    • 570 grams
    • 210D Dyneema X Gridstop, coated with acrylate / 70D Ripstop Nylon in the upper part
    • 55 liters complete with outer pockets, 49 liters in the main compartment
    • Mesh pocket on the front, two side pockets, two pockets on the hip belt
    • Foam pad removable back
    • Rolltop closure
    • compatible for hydration bladder

    Material and construction

    The Attila was Hyberg's first backpack. Meanwhile, it is available in three variants, which differ by the material used. We chose the Attila LM because it is a good compromise between weight and price. With 160 € is namely quite affordable, and compared to the typical backpacks from US cottages, for which may have to be paid even inches, the price is hard to beat. The Attila is also made of Cuben Fiber (Dyneema Composite Fiber Hybrid). This makes the backpack about 15 grams lighter, but these 15 grams cost 100 € more. Of course, besides low weight, the cuben has other advantages, for example, the material is completely waterproof, and the backpack should also be a bit more robust.

    The Hyberg Attila holds a total of 55 liters and weighs 570 grams in the back length M and comes without carrying frame. The removable, thin padding on the back provides stiffening and comfort. The shoulder straps and waistbelt are also padded.

    The body of about 49 liters is made of 210D Dyneema X Gridstop and in the upper part of 70D Ripstop Nylon. At the front there is a large mesh bag. Unfortunately, the net bag is not made of elastic material, which would expand the maximum storage space even more. The two side pockets are big enough to hold one large water bottle each. While walking you get to the water bottles also (reasonably) well. Two more small pockets are attached to the hipbelt and are big enough for snacks, smartphones and small items. Thus, the Attila comes to a total volume of about 55 liters.

    The backpack is prepared for receiving a hydration bladder and is closed by roll-top closure. Compression straps on the sides and on the roll top ensure a close, direct fit on the body. Through the roll top closure, the volume of the backpack can be varied very well, because he "grows" so to speak. So on the way you can store your shopping well, and with time you just roll in a little further, until the next purchase. The closure is rolled and closed at the sides by means of a snap-in buckle, on the top leads another webbing, which also provides vertical compression - you can also easily clamp a mattress or jacket underneath.


    Hyberg offers the Attila solid workmanship for an excellent price. The volume of the backpack is more than enough for ultralight touring and has reserves for the Resupply on the go. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the materials and workmanship.


    1. Hello and thanks for the report.
      I have been using the Hyberg Atilla for about 3 years and I am satisfied with it. I especially like the low weight and the large volume. I had the backpack with me on the Way of St. James, on mountain tours or even for a night outside. Thanks to the large packing volume, I can put the Z-Lite in my backpack and have a comfortable back pad. The carrying system is fully functional at 6-10kg. It'll be too much about that anyway. The front pockets on the hip belt are very practical for gel bags and mobile phones. I also think it's very important that you can get to the side pockets without having to take off your backpack.
      Unfortunately, both shoulder straps are half torn. Something could have been sewn better here. However, the straps are still attached to the backpack with a strap, so that was not a problem and could easily be sewn again.
      Conclusion: my favorite backpack for a day or two weeks of hiking


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